Mining, Ships Bumping on purpose? advice help

OK, Orca’s bumping other orca’s on purpose. I mean one is ok but this is getting way out of hand here.

I mean i would do something but then Concord would come and blow me up.

I don’t want a war just want them to not be idiots.

It’s part of the game, move operations, bump back.

They’re not idiots. They want you gone. So either you counter-attack with equal measures, start making alpha ganking chars, or go to war. The idiot definitely isn’t the one who tries to remove competition.

EVE’s a jungle, and you’ve signed up for it. Hire mercs, counter-attack in some way, or leave. Words won’t save you.


thank you
they are new to system
and they are making all the other miners mad

Have a link to a good Merc??

Search for the Devil’s Warriors on the forum (see top-right), or look through the C&P subforum. Mercs advertise there. :slight_smile:

Though seriously, first you really should try it yourself. It’s a game afterall, and fighting back can be engaging, fun AND satisfying! :slight_smile:


ok i guess i could play bumper cars with the Orca with my Orca

Or look up how to fit a cheap bumping stabber. way more effective and not too long to train into. :slight_smile:

bumping mechanics are interesting to learn. Spent a few hours researching and now my primary ship is the Bumpnado, a bump fitted Tornado with a cloak for quick 180s. :smiley:

Anyhow, no matter WHAT you’re going to do, i’m happy you do it in the game! And if you succeed, you have a story to share! :smiley:

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Have Stabber and i guess i will do it sounds like fun


Stabber is good to learn the basics, but I suggest a Machariel fit for agility and some implants later if you see it as a good investment. There’s really is no reason to use anything other than a Machariel unless you can’t afford it.

Also Devils Warrior Alliance has basically dissolved into a Nullsec alliance, so I don’t imagine they would be taking work.

Using a cloak to kill speed. That’s genius. I’m a little disappointed that I’ve never thought to do that.

I’m stealing that idea.


people with too much money need to remember that not everyone is willing to waste it for a bumping battleship. the path after the stabber leads to the Tornado and then to the machariel.


If you’re mining with an Orca, a bump Machariel isn’t unreasonably priced. Learn with a Stabber or Navy Omen, and if you enjoy it move on to the undisputed King of bumping.

I would call that a success. Have you ever seen a pack of lions or wild dogs picking at a carcass? Who do you think gets to eat the best parts, the cowardly animal slinking around the outside, always afraid to get close because he is always getting growled at, or the big guy in the middle who growls and snaps at anyone who gets in his way?

You are alpha, or you are beta. It’s up to you.

Also there is plenty of ore available in low and nullsec, for those who are brave enough to collect it. Of course there’s a reason there is plenty of ore available, too…

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You can’t control how other people behave.

You can control how you respond.


Orcas are sadly misnamed :frowning:

Whereas IRL they are some of the most capable hunters in nature, in-game they are more like grazing manatees.


500k+ EHP, 550+ DPS, dual shield burst and dual remote shield rep…
Dont underestimate the battle orca!!

Your terrible misspelled attempt at a controversial and rule breaking username is as good a reason as any to dismiss your opinion as completely irrelevant.

That’s before we get into who’s behind the sock puppet. Tell your puppetmaster that he needs a new schtick, this one is boring and getting tired.

Create a few alphas with a corp and wardec them. They will be too scared to undock. And if they do undock, take one of those alphas and go shoot them.

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Bigger mwd ship work well Macherials are popular for this. If he’s bumping into you with an orca he probably can’t fly anything else. You can try hiring mercs getting a good return on it may be difficult. Punting him outta the belt with a battleship don’t cost much and risks almost nothing unless he declares war or hires someone to war dec or gank you but once again that is probably not a good return on investment.

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