Miner "Bumping"

Can someone in dev explain why deliberately crashing into other ships is not considered damage and aggression?

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Cause it isn’t? You aren’t in a reality sim, you’re in a vidya game.

Bumping was already nerfed.

Learn how to EVE, stop mining afk and cry moar :smiley:

Thankee for coming to my EVE talk.


If crashing into another ship would cause damage, you can be sure that you would get ganked by 500MN Stabbers crashing into your Orca. You can also rest assured that the server would die 5 minutes after it goes back up online and the first people undock from Jita or Amarr.




Just get a mining permit. They are only 10mil ISK and are valid for a full year


I’m not a dev, but I’m also thankful bumping isn’t considered aggression. My corp does mining fleets and one of us manages to bump another at least once when we’re getting settled on a belt. Coming out of popular market stations would be a nightmare as well, since there’s usually a few ships coming out at the same time. I don’t want to get flagged for aggression and graped by CONCORD or blown to bits by other players just for trying to come out of Jita or Amarr.

As others pointed out, you’d have entire fleets of cheap ships attacking other ships, just to bump them to death. While that would be entertaining, it wouldn’t really be practical.

you can’t ask legit questions on forum because they refuse to ban all the whiny teenagers :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, what? Did somebody try asking a legitimate question?

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Yup, the OP asked for a Dev reply but was bashed by the devolved compensating back biters.

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A dev response here? That seems about as serious as asking to meet the tooth fairy.


I like this one…

New Eden physics - Fanfest ‘17

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My Catalyst travels several thousand times the speed of light.

I should be able to ram other ships for MAXIMUM damage.


Typical basement dwelling response. Yeah lets deliberately F**K up someone elses experience because there is no consequence

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When you undock, you consent to PvP.

You are content for others as they are content for you.

Welcome to EVE :smiley:


That is not the point. This is deliberate griefing and aggression. For any dev that bothers to come in here I would suggest a simple 2 minute crash timer, then yellow and another 2 minute timer then red and hello police.

Nope. They already nerfed bumping, so you’ve already been saved. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about LOL.

I can already think of like 5 different ways to take advantage of that, that would end badly for you.

Simply orbit while you mine and don’t afk mine :smiley:

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Little you know. Orcas and heavy skiffs can still be crashed into. Like I say it is griefing

And you get some tosser in a Cynabal then a skiff is moving at 3000kms after the crash and takes more than 5 minutes to get back to the belt. It is a stop other players gaming move

Every now and then someone asks why bumping doesn’t cause damage and agression, without thinking of the consequences.

What do you think would happen if your moving ship would unintentionally bump into another ship (that may have been intentionally placed there)?

That’s right, you would damage the other ship, get an engagement timer and likely lose your ship in a fight or to CONCORD.

‘Bumping causing damage’ is an unworkable idea as there is no consistent fair way to determine which of the two bumping objects is doing the bumping in a way that will not get abused to kill people in high sec without CONCORD intervention, because where two objects collide, both objects bump eachother.

It would be exceedingly easy for them to design this so it didn’t causes crashes unless you specifically hit the approach button and/or were moving higher than undocking speeds. This is a lame argument at best.

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Only one of those objects hit “approach” with a prop mod active. This is a dumb argument. Try again.