Miner "Bumping"

Okay, let’s play a game: you come up with a set of rules, I’ll come up with a way to abuse it.

Proposed rule #1:

  • prop mod active to be considered ‘bumping’ party

A couple way to abuse:

  • bump, but turn your propmod off before hitting the target (bumps without damage)
  • put (cloaked) ship in front of PvE ship that has propmod turned on so it collides with you and gets CONCORDOKKEN

Proposed rule #2:

  • approach button is used to be considered ‘bumping’ party

Way to abuse:

  • nobody needs to use the approach button, don’t you guys just doubleclick in space behind the target? :expressionless:

So, I bump an Orca on the Jita undock with my 500MN stabber into a crowd of ships. The Stabber is killed, the Orca bumps with super speed into other ships. It kills the other ships, and/or the server. See where this goes?




So you would intentionally degrade server performance knowing it is a violation of the terms of service?

Are you trying to shift the discussion now that you see that your previous argument was rubbish?

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Are you trying to justify not growing a pair and engaging in normal pvp against people who defend themselves?

Are you assuming I’m a high sec bumper?

I’m just here to explain how the proposed rules don’t work.

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You’re right. CCP should just classify it as an exploit, make it a banable offense and be done with it entirely.

I would not do anything like this. I am only bumping the Orca. What happens after that innocent Orca got bumped is beyond my control and definitely not my fault. :man_shrugging:

Declare bumping an exploit? So, if I bump a random stranger into another ship by flying past it (no Approach button was used, only the double-clicking), this random stranger then bumps another ship and that other ship is a totally unrelated person who’d then report this random stranger for bumping to get him banned.

Have you not learned a single thing after the recent Concord Pull Exploit/No-Exploit CCP flip-flop fiasco? :thinking:

Rhetorical question, of course. You have not and you are the kind of person that CCP listens to when they design or think-up new features. Limited understanding but full of enthusiasm.



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Proposed rule #3:

  • CCP should just classify it as an exploit, make it a banable offense and be done with it entirely.

Ways to abuse:

  • I put my ship in front of the moving ship of a player I dislike, get them to bump me and report them so they will be banned.
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Also easy to prevent. The orca in this scenario would not have pressed an “approach” button.

Neither would the bumping stabber have done that, like I said before.

Are you so unaware of the game mechanics that you don’t even know you can doubleclick in space to let your ship fly in any direction including bump trajectory without giving the ‘approach’ command?

I’m sure they could make code detect clicking behind objects too. Calculating line of sight has been in gaming since the early 1990s.

Then I spiral in? No clicking directly behind the object needed to hit the object in that case.

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I run a rookie incursion community.

The Praxis is our basic ship for new people and rookies to jump into in order to try incursions.

There’s a reason we’ve named 3 or more Praxis in a fleet “a bump.” We get a bump every 3 to 4 fleets.

If ships bumping each other caused damage and aggression, NOBODY would bring their 3-6b battleships to our incursion fleet anymore. :rofl:

You’re trying awful hard to abuse the system for someone who claims not to have a vested interest in it.

My forum description:

Enjoys flying logi, exploring, covops PvP, PI, learning new EVE things and forum posting.

Yes, I enjoyed figuring out how bumping works in this game, even though I never applied it in high sec as I do not live in high sec.

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Yes, you can make that code. But that code is exactly what will kill the server. Don’t you see that? The more fault-proofs you build in, the more the server has to calculate. This workload increases exponentially the more ships a single ship hits. Or have you ever fleetwarped battleships around? Not to mention capitals.



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Little you know, I’ve been doing that since 06 :smiley:

Oh I know :smiley: I’ve done so. The solution is very simple. Can you think of what it is? Learn to EVE, you can do it :smiley:

ROFL. You just took that goal post and chucked it so far. Hilarious.

Bro just say you can’t handle playing EVE and HTFU ROFL.

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Simple solution. If two ships touch, CONCORD destroys them both.



Heh. I’d love that. I’d just be flying atrons into anything I could find.