Fleet Harassment - Ship Bumping

Hey there.

There is bumping and there is harassment or say ruining of gaming experience.
While I fully accept the game mechanics, I have a concern to raise.

We have a repeating situation of a player, who bumps Industrial Command Ships out of Ice belts.
If it was only for the orca captain (me) so be it. It is falling under the clarification of FAQ.

In this case he is ruining the gaming experience of 10-20 people who have met to mine an ice field. The orca is providing the community boosts and used as storage. In reference to the FAQ: There is no way to get an orca orbiting a rock while using its core and compressor. This works for barges/exhumers - sure.

What happens is, he solely targets the orca and bumps her out. This is done until 100-200km are reached, then he waits until she is back in orbit and starts over again. I would call that petty harassment. There is no gain than other peoples suffering and annoyance. Talking in friendly language did not help either. He points out, regarding to the FAQ about bumping being legal and providing us with good game experience. I trust that is not was intended here.

I would really like an update of the FAQ to clarify between legal mechanics and hurting player experience. I had a good talk with CCP Support about it and now suggest to clarify the statement in the FAQ a bit.



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But then how are people supposed to chase you away from mining the ice in the system. Since you are hiding in a none war aligned corp. Bumping is then the only answer.


According to CCP, ganking and bumping, even frequent, targeted ganking and bumping, are both perfectly within the rules.

Having said that, there are ways to make your Orca for all intents and purposes un-bump-able. Players just refuse to fit them that way and instead go for max yield. Not being AFK also helps.

Being able to bump ships is the only defense that players have against ice mining bot fleets and various other situations…


I think a simple solution to this would be to have ships with industrial cores active be much harder to bump. That way you can avoid being bumped by committing yourself to be locked in a single position.

If NPCs don’t bump players then players shouldn’t be able to bump other players. Bumping mechanics are artifacts of a bygone era when the Eve gameplay was based on player interactions - Eve desperately needs to be updated for the modern PvE audience that plays MMOs primarily for solo gameplay.


Finally, someone that speaks sense!

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This is already the case. The base mass of an Orca is 150,000 tons. Installing a Higgs Rig and having an active industrial core increases that mass to 3,000,000 tons.

I doubt CCP will do anything about this. It’s better to find ways to cope with it yourself. For every mechanism there is generally a counter.

  • Try the Higgs anchor.
  • Get one of the miners or an alt to counter-bump.
  • Gank the bumper or hire someone to do it.

If you have to ask CCP for something, ask them to put the tools in your hands to deal with it (if you don’t already have them).


@Kang_Mo-Yeon Why can’t you and your group explode him? Sure you’ll lose some ships to CONCORD but at least he’ll get the message that if he wants to bother people then his ship will go boom.


If you want to play just to play and not effect the economy as a whole, AKA SOLO, log onto SiSi and have fun your fun there.


Sisi is full of griefers, too.

This is a multiplayer game. There are going to be people who choose to play the game in a way that interferes with what you want to do. Figure out how to deal with them. It’s part of the game.


Yeah, 25% of the folks there probably are, its odd. 3000+ systems and only 250 folks would make 65 of them griefers, I think you’ll be able to pve without seeing another player for a very long time.

Who is said player? You can name him here. I think I know who the player is…

You have all the weapons you need to counter this.

Use them.

Don’t cry to CCP like a child.


Crying to CCP is the most powerful weapon.


Of cowards and small minded people who are not worthy to grace the stars of New Eden :smiley:

I will not name him here (call on me in-game), but it is always the same game in the ice belts at Tolle, Aydoteaux, Carirgnottin. All locals know him well. Since alpha-account-mass-ganking has been denied to him, he just takes his time to bump all our orcas out of the belts.
We tried several options, but have not found a working solution yet.

Technical side: You will not get enough mass (higgs) to your orca to keep it in place - so no passive option.

As I stated, I do not want the mechanics dropped. Though it would be nice to have better working counter fittings for that. I just want an update on the FAQ for bumping. If it is only to disrupt game experience, with no gain at all, it should be punishable. It should not encourage people to come into a system, declaring that they are immune from “CCP retribution”, because they found a legal option which prevents that. One statement that leaves a grey area between harassment and gameplay.

Take a moment and think about manners.