Ship Bumping

I would like to first point out that the topic is strongly conversational, but it does have it’s meaning behind it.

As it has been going on for awhile, we pay no mind or attention to full detail. The problem comes to rise when you have a corp. being instructed by veteran players towards our new player community in high-sec. These players are nowhere near ready to join in any low/null sec activities, but some do go to get the full experience as quickly as possible or it’s an alt of their main. Now as some do, they tend to mine, and in my corp we have Athanor’s moon drills that gives us our mining so we don’t have to venture off into the belts. The New players are given doctrines to help defend from gankers, the risks of coming threats, how to judge and move on. However, some can’t warp out fast enough due to lack of skills or mods, or some are flying the extra slow industrial command ships (orca) and these things are extremely slow with no maneuverability what so ever. So when some bumpers comes through, they’ll hit any and all ships and sometimes pushed them far enough to lose connection to their drones (estimated hundred million isk in the past week), some players are on a tight schedule so any minute to get some isk is game for them before they have to leave, or some aren’t aware of what “bumping” means since we get new players daily and these new players can’t generate the amount of isk to sustain as they go along. As this has been going on, it’s a bit frustrating to those, but it has brought a means of psychological effect on the new players. Some are so tired of it, so they quit the game entirely, some get so jumpy and paranoid that any player that is not labeled alliance or corp, will warp off, and some even gets to become enraged that they’ll eventually break apart their computing systems, and some would log in, see who is in local and log off since they don’t want to deal with the harassment and it has become a daily happening that it is borderline Grieving.

Now to some folks, its only a game, its fun, and it’s supposed to be adventurous. Well when you have unlimited amount of isk to spend or a high isk generator that doesn’t involve having to start small that is easy to say and do. But to cause despair and grieving to new players (1 day - 2 months into game) it’s making Eve look bad and will more than likely keep them from coming back or getting mixed reviews. This can lead to a decline in New Players in the community. I’ve seen it done and happen before in several other games and in local businesses. Some of these games are not even on the market or servers shutdown, others are being held by core players (as in every player knows every player real name and you won’t even need a friend’s list).
Ship Bumping in high-sec is only a pvp type of thing, The suspect doesn’t attack to get CONCORD and the victim can’t do anything but to be helpless in the push. There is nothing that you can do that would make you a suspect or criminal. That is NOT balance, that is one sided. When you can cause harm to someone and they are helpless to not defend themselves while everyone, can’t do anything either, just watches as this is happening, it’s really sickening. It’s like watching someone being bullied, sure you can go tell and get help, but all that does is give you a feedback of “While I fully understand that the bumping of ships by other players can be very frustrating, it is currently not considered harassment as the opportunity to do so is within game mechanics.” This has got to stopped or be changed.

If we can Fly through moons, stations, stars, and other ships in warp, why can’t we enable that with the ships out of warp. Remove bumping entirely to where you’ll ghost through the other ship. Not hard, and quite simple.


Set a certain speed that when it make a bump with another ship, would make the player a suspect so CONCORD doesn’t intervene, and then it would allow the victim to counter without consequences (being CONCORD) and if they are in fleet/corp/alliance, and the other players bear witness, they too can join in on the counter.

Overall, this has got to changed to allow for new players to join in without paranoia while being in high-sec. They need to generate their isk, and they need to grow.

The best way I can put this scenario:

There is this one coffee shop where the food and coffee was remarkable and there was 5 men who kept going to it on a daily basis and they are allowed to smoke in the shop as it was opened on day 1. The new customers complained about it but the owner refused to change anything, then eventually, day by day, fewer customers shows up until it was just those 5 men. Went like this for a few more years, then the owner couldn’t support the shop due to lack of funds and eventually shuts down and becomes an abandon corner. The morale is that the shop could stayed open and had a good, growing business for all it had to do was make 1 change.

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Dude, only Orcas are vulnerable to bumping. Stop putting your “newbros” into industrial command ships as a mining doctrine, or at least inform them that if a bumper comes along, to recall their drones and reship into a Procurer/Skiff. Their yield will even likely go up.

There is even a warp timer now so they can’t be “bullied” for more than three minutes before getting away into warp.

Seriously man, spend your time playing the game, not lobbying it for to be changed.


Hes part of SEADC, one of the bigger “newbro” friendly corps which belongs to Silent Company. They are trying to gain numbers and basicly try to turn high into carebear paradise. Plan on seeing more like this along with the other posts such as the high sec lobby channel and capitals in high.


it’s not just the Orca’s, it’s any ship that they feel as though they can bump. and push as far away from a rock, whether they’re flying a Skiff, Procurer, Orca, or Porpoise. The Newbros decide on what they fly and we have doctrines for those ships that are considered to be for anti-ganking. As for the bumpers, they are warping in closer than anticipated, so you’ll only have a few second to respond before being bumped. Some are helping by providing boosts, others are for the lack of having to transport to/from station. That warp timer is there, but if you warp and leave your drones behind, that’s wasted time for the individual and when you’re being constantly bumped you’ll be 100km+ before you even get halfway to warp time.

according to your profile, your top replies has been on mining, ganking, low player population, and CODE.

And i hope you do play the game and not Forum troll:

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It sounds like you need to revisit your doctrines.

This game is all about trade offs. Orcas have advantages, but they do have a couple downsides - vulnerability to bumping and vulnerable drones being two of them. You can’t keep a Procurer or Skiff bumped, and they are probably equally resistant to ganking as an Orca, so just use that.

CCP isn’t going to change the game’s physics engine or build some loophole into CrimeWatch (which would just be exploited by the bad guys to explode your newbros) because of your corp’s mining doctrine choices.

So, I guess it is -1 on this idea.


Doctrines aren’t the problem and every ship has it’s con’s and pro’s as the game was designed. But bumping is still a one-sided story. Regardless of ship size or class, bumping only benefits the aggressor.

Newbros are coming in to do what they want to do, we give them doctrines to follow, but as an individual we let them do that. If they want pvp, mining, WH, ganking, or whatever it is, we have doctrines and it’s up to them to decide, explore, and experience.

However, this topic isn’t about those specifics, but bumping with no means to counter. Everything has it’s Yin and Yang, it’s balance, but bumping does not.

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Declare war on the bumpers and kill them… oh wait…


It’s ok to troll, it’s quite habitable on any forum. You must be in and around the system my corp is currently located in and using an alias account for forums to disguise your identity from the game. No problem there. But lets not get too carried away with the trolling, after all carebear paradise may need you to assist with any anti-bumping to help pave a way for newbros to grow :wink:

Your three minutes is up.


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Actually if you dig deep enough on the forums youll figureout who my main is. Its not a big secret and many people on the forums know who it is.

Not everyone who has a voice also deserves to be heard. People who do not understand what they are talking about, not only incapable of forming a reasonable opinion, but also incapable of understanding the importance of knowing how to form one, are some of those. You would be serving your alliance better by staying silent, OP.

Silent Company is a shithole. They don’t teach how to survive and they hide their structures in holding corps, indicating that they also do not teach how to fight and defend. It deserves to be burned to the ground and the innocent ones inside deserve to be moved into better places.

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I had set this alliance to neutral standings so I may notice them in local, to ensure I don’t interfere with anyone ganking them, but now I’m starting to seriously consider bumping and/or ganking them myself too…


Are you not the same group who hide behind structure holding corps so you cannot be wardecced? If so, have you considered getting velocity to avoid a bump?

Farmer trash asked for this. We had an excellent system where you could declare war on any player corp and start shooting them 24 hours later, and we could have expanded it to prevent corp hopping and hiding in NPC corps. But instead the farmer trash whined and cried about how highsec needed to be safer, and now everyone is immune to wars. And now the farmer trash is stuck with bumpers that get CONCORD protection and no way to declare war on them.

The lesson here: EVE is a PvP game, stop trying to make it into a zero-risk farming game.


Inclined to agree.

This thread is indicative of their nature to ask for changes rather than teach players how the game works.

This is all their noobs are gonna know of the game. Don’t think. Don’t innovate. Don’t make meaningful choices. Don’t defend yourself.

Just whine.

If they bump you, bump them back.


CCP “fixed” bumping with the warp timer :crazy_face:

They tried that. Then they tried ganking with things like merlins. Was pretty sad. Took 4 tries to gank a capsule…

What newbros are flying skiffs, orcas, or porpoises?

I can potentially see a newbros flying a procurer, but that requires them to be at least an omega clone.

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Well, bottom line, this is what the old war dec used to solve, they changed that to help new players and the those new players quit anyway.

Now we have lost the ability to reasonably deal with mining issues in high sec.

Sure you can suicide those 3 orcas that are repping each other but exactly how many ships does that take?

Lesson is be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

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You can warp off. No ship can be bumped more than 3 minutes.

For the smaller ships, if you instruct your newbros to orbit an asteroid or something similar, rather than just sit still while mining, they’ll be harder to bump at all, and those smaller ships can’t be kept bumped because they are agile enough to counter it themselves.