Bumping mechanics

I had an idea about bumping, please feel free to dismantle it:

I feel it is strange ships can be bumped indefinitely. In hisec this feels especially strange since this is an agressive action that Concord doesn’t care about. There seems to be no feasible solution including Concord.

My proposal is this:
It has been stated it’s very hard to implement a feature in the physics engine that can make a distinction between an object bumping and an object being bumped. Would it be feasible if each bump widens the tolerance for entering warp by for example .5 degrees up to a set maximum with a cooldown of, say, 30 seconds for both objects bumping into each other ?

A skilled bumper could work around it and an active bumped pilot had a better chance to escape on her own. Stations and asteroids won’t enter warp anyway. Pilots stuck on LCO/LCS could get unstuck on their own. I don’t know how this would impact tactics for capital ships.

Such a mechanism would surely open up further possibilities. Maybe some of them are even rewarding.

EDIT: Further down I clarified my proposal as follows:

I do not propose the game to identify who is being aggressive.
I do not propose a timer.
Both have been discussed in other threads.

I do propose to widen the warp entry vector tolerance with each bump for both objects involved.
I propose these parameters

  • the tolerance is widened by 4° per bump
  • there is a timer that resets the tolerance back to standard if no bumps occur for 60 seconds
  • there is a maximum tolerance of 120°

Since my intention is not to reward autopilots but to give players actually piloting their ship a means to end permabumping, selecting a new “emergency” destination is implied

This problem could have been fixed years ago. Look at 51:42


Lol, time to make a consolidated thread for all the bump-whiners, or the entire forum will be PLEX and bump threads.


All the while logged in numbers seem to be dropping. No I am not blaming bumpers or the price of plex, hope things turn around for CCP all we can do is sub and log in and do the things we enjoy. Probably wrong thread ive posted in feel free to move it to the relevant topic loads out there to choose from. Inebriated most definetly.

Best and simplest way to fix is to disable ship to ship collision. You want to stop a ship from warping? Fit scramblers. Don’t want to be scrambled? Fit stabilizers. They were put in the game for a reason.


Bumping is fine.

When CCP set out to build this virtual universe they made some fundamental choices for their game. They decided objects would have persistence, obey some laws of physics (albeit submarine physics) and that entering warp would require conditions to be met. The only reason to do so is to give meaning and reality to motion in the sandbox. Objects, and other players, are suppose to be able to prevent you from entering warp.

Sure, the exact details of how bumping, and say Crimewatch, might interact to spark gameplay probably was not considered. But the core idea was and like everywhere else in their sandbox gameplay emerged. That isn’t a reason not to change something that turned out to be unfun or broken, but the bumping of large ships to prevent this warping isn’t intrinsically a problem, and I would go as far to say largely intended.

Freighters are suppose to die in this game. Bumping is already so tedious to do, at least for any length of time, I don’t know why people like the OP think a warp timer is going to change anything noticibly. Tackle will just switch to using a combination of bumpers and suicide scrams to keep your juicy freighter their long enough to get the fleet there.

But back to the main point - almost every other ship you can fly in highsec is completely immune to bump-tackling. There is nothing wrong with the fact that one or two of the largest and most powerful ships in highsec are vulnerable to having their navigation interfered with by a method that takes constant attention and has direct counters available. To be provocative, I will suggest that like the primary problem of AFK cloaking being the overpowered level of intel provided by local chat, the true root of the problem is the overpowered nature of freighters in a sector of space with free, and uniform CONCORD protection. We need CONCORD, so the only solution I see is to ban freighters from highsec. There, the bumping whine thread problem is solved!

CCP make it happen!


Bumping is completely unnecessary for ganking. Only the incompetent and illprepared alt swarms need bumping to establish readiness for a gank.


How would you know that?

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Bumping is fine…but if you “drive a smart car into a transport truck” there should be the associated damage with it. thus ends the perpetual bump as the bumper eventually blows themselves up


Have you ever wondered why your docked ship floats inside the station? or why your ship fly through planets and stations while in warp?

Because I have ganked in high sec and I never needed bumps to get my freighters. Because I had actual people with me instead of just tons of alts.


So because you didn’t need them means they shouldn’t be able to do it?

I don’t think so.

Color me surprised that you say you don’t think so. :innocent:

Yes, because I did not need to bump means that bumping is not at all necessary to enable ganking. Saying otherwise is not only naive, it’s admission of personal incompetence. Since 2013 nothing has changed that made bumping in any way, shape or form a necessity. Concord spawns anyway, gate gun damage has not increased, and people are still as oblivious to ganking as they always were. Not even increase in counter activities like remote reps is an argument because they have all the time they need to get in range of the freighter to repair it.

The only reason why bumping is necessary is to prepare the alt armies which are not ready to strike. Nothing else. Period.

There’s plenty of other things that aren’t needed, btw. Based on your logic, we’d all be living in a cage doing everything exactly like you envision it, with no room left for creativity or fun.

Because a fork is not required for eating food, no one should be allowed to use a fork. You’re seriously incompetent when you require a fork to eat food.

No, no one requires a fork at all. Everyone has fingers. The amount of metal wasted for forks is absolutely gigantic, even though they’re not actually required. Everyone can just as well eat using his fingers, because that’s all that’s required for eating food.

By your own logic the game does not require any tutorials, because none are needed to play this game. Everything can be looked up on the internet already and tens of thousands of people played this game just fine researching it on their own. As you declare that bumping isn’t needed, I declare that an NPE isn’t needed.

The personal incompetence of all those morons who can’t grasp the game, even though tens of thousands before had no problem with that, means that any and all help should be removed.

TL;DR: You’re an asshole, Harry.

Comparing apples and walnuts is so like you. Not to mention that there are lots of foods that you eat without a fork. Hamburgers, cake, Berliners, soup… Even your walnut comparison is poor.

I’m expanding on your logic here: Tutorials are necessary to explain incompetent people how EVE works. Just like bumping enables incompetent people to gank. :wink:

Your pityful attempt of triggering the egos of people who are far better players than you is ludicrous. My point stands. No matter what, though, there is no problem with bumping freighters and I’m glad you don’t have a say in people’s lives, because you would make them miserable.

I cannot make things more miserable than they already are. Just look at the vile which you spew at an entirely reasonable and calmly presented argument. You are afraid that your activity enabler would be taken away and that you had to actually learn to be good.

I also don’t believe that limited bumping would make things more miserable for anyone. Quite the contrary, I think it would make thing more fun. Instead of that oh so tedious bumping and wasting time on both sides of the attack, you could just get to business right away. That’s an improvement over the current scenario. :slight_smile:

I pride myself in my ability to harm other ships in EVE without having had to rely on a crutch. :slight_smile:


When CCP made Eve giant capital ships that took forever seconds to align also were not on the cards. So… let’s delete all capitals also because they weren’t part of the initial game.
Things change, design choices that made sense when most people flew frigates break in the era of capitals online.

As such a method which limited how long you could bump someone would have a place in the modern eve. I don’t support total removal, an initial bump to prevent warp is fine in my books. It’s the perpetual bumping that is the issue.

Though I much prefer my solution of longer Concord timers and full slots and fittings and weapon slots comparable to combat ships which then allows pilots to extract themselves with prop mod, inertial stabs and other such mobility mods.

But regardless of the solution it is a problem which has evolved with some of the additions to the game and was not part of the initial design.

I am totally innocent and kind. :innocent:

Who said something about not using scouts? This is about bumping. Running out of arguments so that you have to move the goalpost?

No. I used to gank a bit in Uedama. With a couple of scout alts from my old alliance around the systems and us sitting in off grid gate pings with ships ready aligned to the gate. See, we didn’t even have structures on gates to wait for the target to jump and warp to it. And still, we got a number of freighters without bumping. And we were not even good or full time gankers, we just did it a couple of times out of boredom and because we wanted to see what all the fuzz was about back then. :slight_smile:

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Hahahahahahaha :smiley: I always like talking to you. You’re very well aware of this, and it’s intentional, which actually makes you a better person than others. And you don’t try to hide it once called out. Speaks for you. :slight_smile:

No, just pointing out that you’re taking pride in your easy-mode gameplay.