Has CCP considered making bumping an attack? I mean, in what universe would it be perfectly acceptable to fly your ship into another multiple times without damage to either ship and without it being a criminal act? One bump should get you a warning. Two or more bumps should make you a criminal that is punishable by Concord. Surely this makes sense.


The physics engine is like 15 years old, and to begin with it appears there never was a physics engine to begin with. There is no impact physics, no collision physics, enemies fly right through objects, and weapons fire goes right through objects. There is no collision damage, there is no collision period.

Understood. No physical collision. But there is bumping and it is one of the least realistic features of Eve. IN any real universe it would be an act of agression. I just wish CCP would put the fix on their list of pending changes.

But how do you decide who bumped who and which bumps are accidents and which ones aren’t? I often bump and get bumped by others that undocked from me at the exact same time (especially in the big hubs like Jita). My personal thought has been if a person has been trying to warp for 10 minutes and is unable to do so, then they should warp regardless of speed. Bumping is a legit tactic that shouldn’t be eliminated, however if you’ve been bumping someone for 10 minutes and still aren’t able to destroy or at least scram them, then you’re either incompetent or griefing and your target deserves to escape. It would also help for times when someone gets stuck in a structure and has trouble getting out. This happened to me once, somehow I got stuck in a POCO of all things and it took me 5 minutes to get out and warp away. Fortunately I was in a safe area but it was still annoying.


Bumping totally makes sense in game. Ships have shields. Those shields prevent damage from two ships colliding with each other, by redistributing the force and causing you to bounce off each other harmlessly.

It’s also not an act of aggression b/c nobody is hurt by it. No damage is dealt to either side. The only result is the “inconvenience” of being misaligned for a time. Which just happens to be long enough for someone to kill you…

They’re not going to make it Suspect to bump people. There’s no way of knowing whether you intentionally did it, or you happened to be undocking from a crowded station and ran into someone who was parked immediately outside the spawn point.


In Elite Dangerous you get fined for collisions.

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So go play Elite Dangerous…


Just pointing out that it’s not impossible to figure out a solution.


thump thump thump thump


I guess you’re not in favor. Hopefully CCP will at least consider the request.
Enough said.

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Well first off… ED doesn’t dump you unceremoniously out of the station. They release you from your landing pad, and you navigate yourself clear of the station. So right there, you cannot punish someone for bumping or being bumped when they are flung out into space.

Also… ED has a lot more granular control over the flight controls of your ship. Eve is more about giving orders than actually flying. The way Eve ships fly, the player is kinda like the Captain sitting on the bridge saying “Navigator, take us to that planet” and then a Crewman does the actual flying. I know the lore says we have no Crew, and we’re controlling the ship with our brains. But the way we click targets on the Overview and issue commands, it’s more like someone else is doing the driving. So… you can’t punish someone for clicking “Approach station” and having the ship automatically rear end the guy in front of you b/c your ship accelerates faster.

And lastly… it’s a valid tactic to use Bumping as a form of Tackle. Everyone knows Bumping works, and some pilots have made it an art form. Then they don’t need to fit a Warp Scram, if they can just keep you juggled while they fill your ship full of holes.

CCP does not punish players for using the game mechanics to their advantage. They even congratulated a Wormhole alliance for discovering that if you got enough range reduction debuffs going on a person, it broke the math and caused that person to have Infinite Optimal Range. They broke the math, and CCP said “Good job using what was available.”

So no… they aren’t going to make bumps go Suspect.


It’s not that I am in favor of it or not. Personally I don’t care all that much if bumping changes or stays as is. It’s just that so much has been said about bumping there can’t be any slightest part unsaid at this point.


To amplify this point, every month or so, there is another bumping post saying pretty much the same thing.
While we can speculate on why we have the particular collision physics, to date there’s been no indication anything will ever be changed.

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Realistic collision mechanics would be an absolute hoot though, for about 10 minutes.

In theory you’d be able to gank a freighter without firing a shot or spending a penny; your only cost being manpower.

You simply punch holes in it with out of the box newbships.


Accurate physics engine would also accurately affect shield power generation and armor thickness. A gigantic freighter would have a much larger shield, and much thicker armor than a corvette. The corvette would crumble up like a leaf against the side of a large freighter with large shields/armor.

Bumping is forever. I’m not leaving freighters alone for awhile.


A Corvette is a hell of a lot bigger than the bullets or missiles you’d be shooting to try and bring down the Freighter. If your shields are destined to fail after enough tiny bullets hit you, what good do you think they’d be against something that big?

Force = (Mass) x (Velocity)

Tiny bullet going super fast hurts

Big ship going reasonably fast hurts

A ship would be going much, much slower than say a railgun round. If you could fire a frigate at the speed of a railgun round, then you would have a solid weapon.

Also with an uber l337 physics engine, how much the mass of the cargo you were loaded up with would determine your mass. You could stack mass in the cargo hold to increase total ship mass, but then again, getting up to speed would become more difficult as your mass increased.

Bumping is here to stay, OP, for reasons that I’m not going to repeat for the 100th time.

Long story short, there is absolutely nothing that you can add to the discussion that hasn’t been brought up a thousand times already…

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The easiest way to counter bumping for CCP to add a collider around the gate being jumped through.

A ship traveling under 500 m/s would pass through the collider but a ship traveling 501 m/s would instantly be bounced off of the collider. If you travel faster than 501 m/3 inside of the collider other than warping out of it the collider would bounce you to an area outside of the collider’s zone

The collider would extend out to a radius of 7,500 m from the gate and would only be present in High Sec systems.

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