Imagine bumping in real life dynamics. Someone bumping you with their cruise ship while you are on a boat, someone bumping you with their car while you are turning the corner. He is not shooting at you, but it is aggressive behaviour that causes harm. And that is how it should be treated in this game. Bumping should be matched by aggressive action. With all that goes with it.

I don’t really care much about this mechanic. It does not affect my gameplay. I am just stating my thoughts after seeing the numerous and continuing complaints from users on the Facebook group. Yes this dynamic generates boredom.

Imagine getting concorded because you land on top of someone at idk, jita dock.

Then don’t read facebook groups full of crybabies that has zero knowledge of the game. And can’t even understand that change they ask for would bite them in the ass 10x stronger.


This is rubbish. There is a timer that can easily be set after a warp and after an undock.( In invulnerability timer style) Bumping for game dynamics is one thing. Voluntary bumping is one thing

Bumping damage will burn the server to crisp and kill people who weren’t actually bumping.



For me , these are b****t. Otherwise there would be no chance to even pvp or anything else done by many players at once . If you make it 1 dps to a ship that bumps you for example 500m/s speed you’re not going to create anything destructive for these phantom paper mache servers. And that would be enough to have the desired effect.
Random bumping is never directed is never beyond a certain speed
It is nothing more than kinetic attack

Do you know how much accidental bumping happens in large fights that already suffer from TiDi? Add all the bumping checks and damage application each tick and the performance will be even worse.

Bumping was solved a while back. There is a 3 minute timer on warp now, so if you are bumped, warp off. Anyone who doesn’t warp off or otherwise react to being bumped is AFK and deserves it.


If you are a freighter or a mining barge, it does not work exactly as you think.
A direct bumping has a much higher kinetic damage than a random one. I say that the usual difference has to be found and the same timer and mechanism triggered that is triggered when in hight sec you open a container that is not yours

Yes. It works exactly as intended. You automatically enter warp in 3 minutes unless you have been warp disrupted/scrammed - in which case, the bumping doesn’t matter as you are about to be shot.

No it doesn’t. They both have exactly 0 damage.

But if you are proposing it, then maybe explain the physics of it? (ie. the physics isn’t real, because the game isn’t real and therefore no damage is just as plausible and anything else).

If you bump, the palyer cannot escape. Because the ship does not align

This is wrong. If you hit warp, you automatically warp after 3 minutes, regardless of alignment.


I seem to recall seeing a discussion on the collision mechanics, due to where ships can randomly bump off stations/structures/objects/ships in space, or get stuck on said objects etc, that is why there is no damage with bumping.

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Then three minutes is too long if the ship warps anyway. Anything can be destroyed in three minutes. Imagine a freighter or a barge

No need to imagine. They are in the game and I fly them almost daily.

Why is it?

So far, there’s been no good explanation of what should happen, other than “imagine real life dynamics”, while also not even knowing how the mechanics already work. But go ahead and explain how real life dynamics work in the context of space ships that can travel faster than the speed of light and that fly like space isn’t empty.

Just another carebear whine thread asking CCP to make the game safer, when they already did that. Nothing is good enough for the carebear. Got to be constantly whining for more safety.

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Nice read on how the game would dramatically be different with collision damage.

What would happen when you jump with the 255 other Titans in the fleet to the cyno? With such big ships, there is a very high chance people spawn at least partially within each other. Nowadays people just get bumped off. But if collisions would be checked in that scenario, some ships could take serious damage from just jumping to a cyno.

Or what about burning back to a gate with AB on and colliding before warping. Major damage

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Ciccio. I live in null sec. I just wanted to bring up a probem that clogs 90% of facebook posts. I don’t give a ■■■■ about that. I like realism that’s all.

And what would happen if you “crashed a gate”? In nullsec and lowsec it’s a common strategy to jump back the way you came from if you see an unfavorable situation. You literally burn back to the gate as fast as possible, with inertia being a thing, you often literally crash into the gate before the jump-command is processed. With collision damage in place, this could be equally deadly as the gate camp you try to get away from

There is no need for all this. You have not understood the issue. All you need to do is to acknowledge the damage between ships ( minimal, or none at all, what counts is the concord call and its timer ) everything you wrote is useless

All other collision mechanics are fine as they are

90% of Facebook posts - ■■■■■■■■.

And sure, yeah totally.You just came to the forum, without knowing how the mechanics work, to cry simply because of facebook.

If you really are here just for the sole benefit of others, then maybe go learn the mechanics and educate people rather than come whining in the forum for CCP to make the game easier for you.

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Dude, I’m used to being in the fleet with a FC It throws you out of the fleet if you bump it while anchoring it. And if he does, he does it By strokes of " fu@ig id@ot". You can do a zkill search if you want. I don’t have a damn thing to do today and I’m posting here.

List all your characters and I’ll go look at them.