Concord response timers seem like they had been reduced

Anyone else starting to notice the timers are lower than a few weeks ago?
0.7 Roughly 10 seconds. Now counted 4 seconds.

Then a few systems over;

0.6: Roughly 14 seconds. Now stopwatch read 6 seconds.

Any notes on the changes or are these highsec acts of carebear kindness going to be overlooked?

I had noticed that CONCORDS Ships looked extra shiny, maybe they had a Service \(°•°)/

Well it just means it’s now a lot safer to afk ice mine in an Orca now.

If that’s what the message brings, then that is the message I’ll sends!.

Well they are also introducing a bump timer but 3 minutes is still way to long. However what they need to do is make it so any ship that is docked when that timer starts cannot engage the bumped ship in Hi-sec so the criminals cannot hide until the last second.

Must be a shortage of donuts

Oh the bump timer would be interesting, like does the timer stop and reset or is that timer accumulative over a time period to the pilot who runs into the other ship?

Like what would happen if there was a tag team of bumpers all starting their own 3 minute timer?
/NM the timer is for the pilot in the warping ship. Here I thought bumping was now a crime.

Nope they thought of that it is one timer that goes into warp after 3 minutes of trying, no matter how many bumpers.

We couldn’t insinuate that Concord are finding more time on their hands now, could we?

But it does reset if you throw a point on it.

At which point you are in combat.

Just saying it doesn’t change bumping all that much in HS. All you need is a throwaway noobship with a scram to touch it every 3 minutes and you can keep bumping all you want.

then after attacking concord you would have to sacrifice another to move them away.

Either way I was just clarifying that there is a way to extend it beyond 3 minutes as your post had seemed to imply it was 3 minutes no matter what.

Actually it will be interesting to see the work around that is developed for this one.

As I said initially 3 minutes is way too long, at the moment the pirates are docking up safely until they are needed to strike.

Grid size is extremely large now and can range anywhere from 8000 km up to 70,000 km depending on what it’s centered upon.

Maybe the reduced Concord time you noticed is because they were already on-grid?

From Uniwiki:

The following table gives the time in seconds between the offending action and the first felt action of a CONCORD ship when CONCORD has just spawned in a system.

  • 0.5 : Roughly 19 seconds
  • 0.6 : Roughly 14 seconds
  • 0.7 : Roughly 10 seconds
  • 0.8 : Roughly 7 seconds
  • 0.9 and 1.0 : Roughly 6 seconds

When CONCORD is already on grid, the response time is severely reduced. There are no hard numbers on that yet but it looks like as if the response time drops to 2 seconds in 1.0 to about 8 seconds in 0.6 and 9 seconds in 0.5.


they go faster after being washed :wink:


I always though Concord was a bit regular.

Maybe CCP should look into adding a bit more variance to the response times.

When pulled in a 0.5 sys, Concord response time is 25 secs.

Has that been reduced then ?

Also, bumper timer ?

Well this game is going to the shitter by the day.

Only if those Raznaborg Triglavians wouldnt appear from nowhere killing it…

You can check the combat log to make sure your numbers are correct. Also I you know that there is a difference if they are already in system on not right?

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