Does Weapons timer prevent Concord assistance if you get attac ked with it up?

I’m still fairly new and I noticed that when i use my command burst for mining I get a weapons timer on activation. I was wondering if I have that weapons timer up and a ganker decides to try and gank me will the ganker get concorded or will they be open to try and gank me?

Since its not directed toward them, if they attack you, concord should respond.

It has nothing to do with concord. On other hand " Limited Engagement Timer" is what prevents concord intervention.


“While this timer is active you cannot jump, dock or eject from, store, refit or switch ships. You also cannot be tethered by Upwell Structures such as Citadels or Engineering Complexes as long as you have a weapon timer.”

Just in case you are already aligned, you have to warp around in the system until the timer is finished because you can neither jump nor dock in that time.

Luckily its only 60 seconds

Concorde doesn’t assist, it only punishes those who attack you.

That being said no this doesn’t stop Concorde showing up if you get attacked in HS.

However if you do get attacked they will bring enough DPS and you won’t survive. If you are going to commit a billion of ship to a belt it would be better to do so with the relative protection of a corp and proper mining fleet.

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