Regarding neutral logi

Keep hearing all this “neutral logi” blah blah, just curious how the system to it works, such as will I get concorded for logi’ing a rando?

You will get concorded if you repair some random person who is at war with someone else or if they are having a duel (iirc).

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Okay, correct me if I’m wrong, but:

  • If you rep someone with a suspect timer, you will get a suspect timer.
  • If you rep someone with a criminal timer, you will get concorded.
  • If you rep someone with a limited engagement timer you will get concorded. The exception to this is if you share a corporation/alliance and are at war. I don’t know if the game checks to see who the limited engagement timer is with (i.e. a valid war target or a rando).
  • Keeping your safety on green will prevent suspect timers and concordoken.

You can get a limited combet timer with the gankers if you try to logi a ganker target. CCP trashed trying to help victims of crime. If you try to logi a target that is dueling or in limited engagement you can dang sure get concorded.

Assisting a suspect is supposed to be a suspect offense. But if you are using logi mods on a suspect it’s because he’s being shot at (limited engagement) and assisting him will get you concorded.


I don’t believe neutral logi is a thing anymore because you always get concorded unless you are talking about outside of hi-sec.

Keep safety off red and you your ship will refuse any command that will give you a criminal flag (CONCORDED in Highsec). Keep safety green and it will prevent you from any action that would make you go suspect (let anyone shoot you)

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