Killed by CONCORD for attacking a suspect

So, two things:

  • Ordinarily I have my safety set to Partial (yellow)
  • I thought that a player who is flagged as a suspect can be engaged in Hi-Sec without CONCORD intervening

A suspect Slasher warped in on my Venture in 1.0 space. I was paying attention and immediately warped off, so no kill for him. I saw in local that his status changed from suspect to criminal after a few minutes, so I assume he found a target. He docked as soon as he could and waited out criminal status, then undocked in a mining ship and went mining. I scanned him down, and warped in with an attack frigate. He had suspect status. I was able to target, but could not engage my guns until I disabled safety (red). The moment I engaged weapons – CONCORD.

Clearly there is a gap in my understanding. Can someone please enlighten me?

If he waited out his criminal status, he wasn’t criminal for you to shoot. It’s possible he was at a -.9 sec status or something so may have been showing as yellow on your OV because of low sec status, though. Depends on how you have your overview set up.

But yes, mind the difference between flashy red and yellow, and solid yellow in particular, or solid red and yellow when you start setting standings for yourself.


Thanks for the reply.

He was showing as solid yellow on-grid.

So basically, it is only ever 100% safe – as far as CONCORD goes – to engage flashy-yellow/red in high-sec space?

I’m always hesitant to answer any question regarding Eve with a 100% anything clause, because there’s almost always an exception to the rule. In this case, if a guy turns teal, you could engage him, too, a well as the flashy yellows and reds. Teal means a limited engagement timer, so basically they’ve done something to be a target for you but not necessarily a criminal or suspect. I wish I had a good resource on hand to give you for the full list of things, but I’d recommend doing the internet and looking into it further, and if you have your guns on yellow or green and they won’t fire on a dude, don’t turn them to red so they will, unless you know what you’re doing in that circumstance.

Here’s the Eve university link which covers most of it in a quick easy read:

Edit to edit: Correction, that link also has their in corp rules, but basically, the first row of that article with all the flashing icons are the various ones you should be able to engage in high sec). Sorry for the confusion.

It depends on your overview settings.

If the target was suspect then criminal, and he docked, the criminal expired after the suspect, so you shot him not suspect.

Well, game warned you. I don’t see what is your problem? You took the decision to attack someone and confirmed that you are willing to take concord response.


No he did not.

OK, I think I have it figured.

I did not know that the yellow color and little skull icon are not strictly reserved for safe-to-attack-suspects: they also apply to pilots with low standing (I’ve seen the bright orange bar which means terrible standing). This is bad UX design on the part of CCP, in my opinion, i.e., the safety settings map yellow to the concept of suspect and state “Suspect status allows other capsuleers to attack you for a limited period”. There is no mention anywhere of the additional information encoded by solid versus flashing.

OK, so, because the pilot was not actually a suspect, I had to disable safety – this should have been a clue – flagged myself as a criminal with the first shot, and CONCORD subsequently murdered me.

Going forward:

  • Keep my safety setting to Partial
  • Only engage red or flashing targets in Hi-Sec
  • If still confused, the clincher is whether I would be required to disable safety

Thanks folks!



You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Safety settings stopped the attack. Promoting that attack would make him criminal and needs to disable safety to do so. Messy OV settings aren’t excuse for not paying attention to in game popups and mechanics.

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Yes, they exactly are.

You forgot

  • use a correct overview.

We need just two colours, red and green, green good, red bad.

Not Teal, Yellow, Mango, Tomato, Pastel…

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Hmm OK. I think the root of the problem was my own misunderstanding of the mechanics, but this is a good point. Any suggestions? I’m using the EVE University overview described here.

I miss being able to set standings on a sliding scale. All the reds and oranges.

So we had 10 shades of “are we dead yet”?

Yeah. But it was also useful for being able to set alliances in an ‘Oh ■■■■’ hierarchy with more than just 2 options. But the default overview was still pretty much just as bad.

You’d think with all the OV pack channels out there CCP would adopt one at some point, simplify it just a bit, and use it as the base OV.

Licensing, the killer of all “we can just dip into this library” paradigms. This why OOP failed.

change your overview.

remove all the changes based on player ss.


  • the background color should be about who can shoot you. White default, orange if they have bad standing, red if at war, deep purple (smoooooooke on the water) if limited engagement. Blue if good standing, green if corporation
  • then the skullhead should be how YOU can engage them. red if at war or criminal, yellow if suspect.

Other can have different opinion, dont follow mine, make yours.

Well, that clears things up.

my b, it’s not that simple. Since colortags are visible from local, but less visible than background on overview, I use them both for the same meaning. With the added state of being orange when suspect, purple when criminal (considered having a timer with them)