High sec Criminals

I’m very confused with security system mechanics, i’m in Perimeter and i can see a flashing red player in local chat, he stays there for minutes and i also can see him roaming from one place to another (warping), when in Eve University wiki i saw that in Highsec systems the CONCORD response it’s a matter of seconds, and the criminal could not warp during this time, am i crazy or there is some kind of criminal tricks?

There are two red Crimewatch flags. They’re different shades, but still both red. First, you have the criminal flag. You also have the outlaw flag, for people with security standing under -5. Outlaws get chased around the system by faction police and concord, but if they don’t stay in a location for too long, they won’t get caught. Also, CONCORD kills criminals after they commit the criminal act, but the flag lasts for 15 min, during which they can reship and fly around, though they’ll be risking destruction.
From the description you gave, I think you found an outlaw.


Hmm i got it, probably he was an outlaw, they can normally warp even in high sec?

If you are a criminal (below -5) yes you can warp around in a ship. If you have a GCC you cannot warp in a ship, concord will appear and kill your ships each time you undock until the 15 minute timer is gone. You can however warp around in a pod. Concord does not pod.

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With a criminal timer, you cannot warp around in ships in highsec, only in your capsule . If the timer is still active and you reship in station in another ship , once you have undocked with the ship and with the active timer , there is no way back . You will not be able to dock back or warp until CONCORD destroys your ship.

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Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for setting me straight.

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To boil it all down to one sentence: CONCORD nukes you if you DO something naughty, not if you’ve BEEN naughty. Those people get the faction police after them but they’re far less severe and they can be avoided.


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