Delaying CONCORD Response

( Delaying CONCORD response or completely avoiding it. Committing a criminal act and delaying CONCORD response for an extended period of time.

Commonly involves leaving empty ships or drones in space that CONCORD focuses on before dealing with the attacker. This exploit is not limited to drones or ships and applies to any item or method which might be used to delay CONCORD.

so i have a question

If i have a player that is -10 security status in high sec warp to a player-owned structure and tethered up.

  1. this makes me invulnerable to attack from anyone even concord that tries to attack but can’t.
  2. spawns concord on that player-owned station that tries to kill me but the station tether won’t allow it.
  3. now i can warp alts to target to get a kill.

is this not the same as Commonly involves leaving empty ships or drones in space that CONCORD focuses on before dealing with the attacker. This exploit is not limited to drones or ships and applies to any item or method which might be used to delay CONCORD.

the only difference is u are in a mand ship and u are exploiting the tether on the player-owned station that concord focuses on but can not kill before u warp to kill a target.

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CONCORD should be able to doxx any player that is -10 regardless of whether the player is tethered or not.

Its like the real police chasing a bad guy and the bad guy finds a Tether Ball pole. While tethering, the police can’t do anything to the bad guy, how does that make any sense?

Concord only attacks people for committing a criminal act, not for being -10. You can warp around highsec all you want as a -10 and Concord doesn’t care as long as you don’t have a current criminal actions timer.

So no, being tethered in highsec as a -10 is not exploiting Concord if you don’t have a current criminal timer.


That’s the faction police, they are separate from Concord

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@DrysonBennington @Irvan_Andedare

Good Job misunderstanding the difference between concord/faction police and the concept of -10 and/or having a criminal timer.


all i am looking for is how it works

I answered how it works already, what you are talking about is not an exploit, Concord doesn’t care about -10

But, if concord does go after a criminal, can a tether prevent them from being podded by them?

Concord doesn’t pod people, but no, as far as I know, you can’t tether with a criminal timer

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Wrong choice if words, I know concord doesn’t pod. But I meant ship loss.

While this timer is active you cannot change sessions, which means you cannot jump, dock or eject from, store, refit or switch ships. You also cannot be tethered by Upwell Structures such as Citadels or Engineering Complexes as long as you have a weapon timer.

Consequences of being a criminal
Being a criminal means that CONCORD will engage and kill you in high security space. The response-time of CONCORD depends on the security of space, anything between a few seconds up to half a minute. During that time, while piloting a ship with a criminal flag you’ll be unable to enter warp, jump through gates, dock up in stations, eject from, store or switch ships. Those restrictions are lifted once your ship is destroyed and you’re in your capsule. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can do these things, as all those actions (with the exception of warping away) would also be prohibited by an active weapon timer.

No, it’s 100% accurate. People can shoot at you, faction police will shoot at you, Concord will not…unless you have a Criminal timer.

people mistake being a criminal with being -10. -10 just means you have horrible security status, when these things say criminal they are talking about an active criminal timer. There is a difference between being -10 and being a criminal, in regards to concord (and only concord).

-10 simply means players and faction police will shoot at you in highsec. Concord will not interfere (unless of course you go to Concord space…in which case, they are the faction police :D)

Concord will still pop them if they are in a ship.

You are not safe with tether as a you cannot tether when you have a criminal timer.

As Kane said: if you have a Criminal timer (the only thing that triggers CONCORD to spawn and try to attack you), you cannot tether while in a ship, and therefor the proposed scenario cannot happen.

CONCORD will not spawn in response to criminals in pods, only criminals in ships. A criminal in a pod can tether and dock as normal, but if they reship and undock while the criminal timer is still active, CONCORD will start hunting them again until they blow up the current ship.

I know that’s why I posted that. Straight from eve uni

When I am thinking clearly or there’s someone around to remind me, I use the term ‘outlaw’ to describe people with sec status below -5 to make it clear there is a distinction between low sec status and an active GCC.

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If it should be, then it would be. It isnt. So therefore, you might as well be saying “In my wildest fantasies when i go to sleep at night, concord doxxes any player that is -10 regardless of anything”.

Its like the real police not doing anything because a bad guy hasnt done anything illegal yet, and you are standing there shouting “Police! Theres a Red Guy standing infront of my house! What? He hasnt done anything yet! No, im not racist. Stop calling me a racist! I just know hes about to do something bad!”

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Dont tag Dryson. He didnt misunderstand the difference between concord and faction police. He just wishes there was no difference.

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ok thanx, think I get what u all saying now.
Though I think ccp should look into changing the punishment for bad standings.
I would say for entring 0.5 and above they get a timer to stop docking access and tethering while in high-security space.