Are criminals allowed to pilot ships other than capsules in high sec?

I’ve been ganked a long time ago by 5 people, all criminals, in high sec and out of curiosity I looked at the wiki (Suicide ganking - EVE University Wiki). On the wiki it says that " Piloting a ship other than a Capsule in high-sec and avoiding being destroyed by CONCORD as a Criminal is considered as an exploit to the game and will cause gamemasters to interfere.". Is that true and could I theoreticaly at least report them (waited too long for reimbursement)?

While they have an active criminal timer, ref: EVE Support - Criminal Timer if they undock in any ship other than a pod will cause CONCORD to respond and destroy the ship. If they are doing something to prevent ship destruction while under the criminal timer (flashing red) you should report the details to the GM team, correct.

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Can I report them if they had a security status of -10 and still attacked me? Is that preventing ship destruction?

-10 flashy is not the same as criminal flashy.

-10 flashy (white skull on red background by default)
grafik only means that the character has a low security status, which the pilot can achieve through legal means, for instance, by shooting ships in low sec.
Criminal flashy (red skull on black background by default)
grafik only shows when someone actively engaged your ship in high sec or shot your pod in low sec. This status will disappear after 15 minutes.


I’ve seen people confused between -10 flashy and criminal flashy a lot

No because you misunderstood the difference between being -10 and having a criminal timer.

Criminal timer is when they did the gank and concord then came in to destroy their ships. That timer last for 15 minutes after which point they can then be in a ship in space again. If they undock in a ship before the 15 minute criminal timer is up concord will shoop in again and destroy their ship.

As -5 to -10 though faction police will chase you but concord will only come again if they gank again.

Concord punish they do not prevent.


After security status below -5, one becomes an “Outlaw” and is always a valid target for other capsuleer in high security space. Additionally NPC faction police will engage these players if if they are in a ship.

Criminal refers to someone who has committed illegal act in the last 15 minutes and has a criminal timer.


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If you feel that you had been ganked then it is always best to pick a side straight away. ie; decide if you were in the wrong or if you feel that they were in the wrong.

Once you make that decision stick with it as both sides needs strong pilots such as yourself to balance New Eden both in game and on the forums.

Currently on the forums though they are winning so Frostpacker hopes you making the right choice.
Looking forward with your reply.

Tony, do not waste time speaking with the opposing faction/party on any forum/chat/website. If you believe that someone has committed an exploit or has circumvented the rules, please file a ticket with CCP. File quickly, file often. :slight_smile:

Not that it is stopping them anyway :laughing:
(But seriously though, how?)

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