I`ve been podded 352 times in 3 months cuz of highsec ganking! This game is crazy!

But I love it sooooo much.



Suicide ganker bragging (or whining?) about being concordockened. Thats soooo cute, really.

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Is it. Isn`t it? … just got bored at work.


Do you wear a sign that says “pod me”? I think you have to be really working at it to get podded that much.


Those anti-gankers are are doing 23/7 tireless work to pod honorable entrepreneurs like me. I don`t think is safe anymore to undock from in Jita.

CCPlz anti-ganking needs nerf!!!


Ah, so you’re just BSing then. Got it.

Are you bragging that you lose a cruiser every time you fight a shuttle? Cuz that’s what it looks like… just sayin
Sure some of the shuttles seem to have some good loot, but are you able to get any of it??

But by all means, keep on with the Apotheosis strikes (get some Zephers too) and make the handful I own more valuable please!!!

Most gankers have alts / fleet mates to take the loot so I assume yes most cases he gets it if he ganks it.


They’re exploiting Concord and CCP needs to enforce those rules.

We’re talking about Hisec and last I checked, this is a permaban offense


Pulling CONCORD off grid is not an exploit. Avoiding CONCORD repercussion is an exploit. Which are you referring to? Or if something else then state what exploit.

Edit: Just for your reference…


High Sec is a scary place.


highsec arguably most dangerous space in the game


That IS an exploit… it keeps you from being killed by concord til you can kill the other player which IS avoiding Concord. Really wish the law breakers would quit trying to be lawyers and twist the law.

The only real solution is no PvP without consent in hisec(wardec would be considered consent as is a duel) Check ESO if you dont think that’s possible.

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You’re actually wrong here, pulling concord to the other side of the system in prep for a gank is not an exploit.

Thanks for the laugh.


CONCORD guy said to me you are very good practice target. :ok_hand:

Also Jita cleaning company wanted to thank you for contributing so much of your clone biomass to them. They think about giving you a medal in a shape of :poop:.

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Your assumption is completely off, I am neither a ganker nor defend gankers. Also have no issue with them either, all part of the sandbox.

Wherever this subject was brought up it was always stated that prolonging CONCORD response time (beyond its intended value) is the exploit, while pulling CONCORD off grid just resets the natural response time as when they are on grid their response time is shorter, thus it is not an exploit.

Exploit is, just as the linked source material states, when someone “delaying CONCORD response for an extended period of time”, simply pulling CONCORD off grid will not delay their response time compared to the natural response time, on the contrary, just restores the natural value instead of the shorter time when they are already on grid.

At least that is my understanding based on my prior experience with this subject but anyone knowing better correct what I wrote.

If you want a 100% assured answer you have to file a support ticket.

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I am impressed by your inability to think. The ganker is obviously killed by concord, he is podded by players. I have to say its quite unfair to the poor ganker. Facing the masses of unwashed plebians in shuttles and your irrational tirade of hate. He does not exploit anything.

Something must be done to help suicide gankers… it seems they have everything stacked against them. including pure hate from toxic players like yourself.

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Is this the new Anti-Ganker CSM candidate?


You get it wrong.
I have a lot of ship loses after a gank that don`t have CONCORD on them for a very simple game mechanic: your ship gets blown up by sentries and faction police (those are already on grid) before CONCORD arrives. Sometimes not even the anti-gankers that pre-lock me are on killmail, as the Jita 44 sentries alpha my trasher.

Back on track now.
PROPOSAL: ships should go un-tethered (so they can be targeted, scanned and shot) the moment they initiate warp and not when they enter warp. Discuss.

That will change one of the core aspect of the game. Why are you complaining about unfairness of the environment and not adapt to it … is called survival in nature.

Is like asking for Earth’s gravity not to pull down you so you don’t get hurt when you fall … but that will change Earth in something else entirely.

Edit: also, by using “real solution” phrase you are manipulating us to think there is a problem that needs to be fixed … I fail to see the problem thou. But that’s just me.

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