Alright cant really find a sure answer on this just gonna ask and hope CCP or anybody that knows will answer.

So since hypderdunking is dead?
I was wondering if you are allowed to gank, in say a thrasher at 1 gate. Then head to another gate and have an alt in another thrasher(You are now in a pod)… Get out of the thrasher in the alt > get in > gank?

Or is every kind of hyperdunking forbidden?

Oh jeeze so they changed that mecanic as well… GG WP CCP

Hyperdunking was never declared forbidden, actually was explicitly declared legit, but was then effectively patched out of the game. You cannot board another ship while a criminal in highsec.

Yeah I know, the only buff we gankers got and nerfed to death when they killed the bowhead…
Risk in hisec is apperently not good

Goldilocks found the porridge in Null was too hot, while the porridge in Low was… apparently too hot as well. She didn’t try WH, as that just screamed “hot” to her.

Goldilocks got angry because she thought that the porridge in Hi should be the temperature she specifically wanted it to be, and that just wasn’t fair.

“Oh well.” thought Goldilocks, as she was determined to eat the HiSec porridge, despite it not being to her liking.

“I’ll just tell everyone who does like this stuff, that they’re a carebear for liking it.”


Ganking is alive and well in highsec. Hyperdunking isn’t because CCP apparently decided it was outside the intended functionality of the concord mechanic. There’s been a long history of them escalating concord responses to fix things. People used to tank concord. People used to be able to warp and lead concord on a high speed chase. People used to be able to reship in space. All these led to what I assume were unintended holes in the system that various players then used until they were patched.

Hyperdunking was cool to see done and required a lot of skill/expertise to execute. I have a great deal of respect for the few who implemented it and was sad to see it go, but I understand the purpose of it being removed.

The barge/exhumer changes did far more to quash ganking than the removal of hyperdunking.


What akes you think that, considering it’s on an all time low and not in the mainstream?

it’s alive alright, but well?

Just to confirm what everybody already said incase it was not clear. Once you go criminal you cannot board another ship until the timer is up. So no, you cannot warp to another gate with an alt waiting to eject so you can board it in your pod. 15 minutes always.

Which is why I find people that taunt gankers in local with an active criminal countdown docked up telling them to come and fight retarded.


So say we all :heart:


i believe you’re replied to the wrong person, Sir.

What problem, exactly, are you having with ganking in high sec? There’s plenty of kills to be had. There are always completely untanked Macks and Hulks in the ice and ore belts in my home system. Hell, last night a couple of gankers could have killed 2 billion isk worth of exhumers in 30 seconds if they wanted to. Find someone of like mind to fleet up with and blast away…

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Ganking is doing just fine. Granted there are different names and faces out there now. Miniluv is still doing its thing even with Boney being on haitus(?) and CODE stepping down a bit with much more infrequent gank-a-thons in the Jita <-> Amarr pipe. If you pay attention to freighter kills on Zkill, you’ll see new names have stepped up and started freighter ganking.

We’ve seen some prominent figures in highsec ganking either get wrongfully banned or quit of their own choosing. As long as people fly freighters, there will always be ones that do so with excessive risk. All a pilot needs is the drive, knowledge, and resources to grab a piece of the pie.

Freighter ganking will always be a thing unless CCP makes it literally impossible. Waters can definitely be overfished, so when there is a slight lull or anything like it I always consider it to be good. Haulers gain new confidences and do stupid things that can be taken advantage of.

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This nice, shiny Orca was in the ice anom in Halaima last night. And right next to it? A completely untanked Hulk…


Why didn’t you gank it?

That’s not what I was out for at the time. Just showing that there are kills to be had everywhere. There’s a ridiculous amount of untanked barges and bling ships in ore belts and ice anoms. I guess they figure it’s safe…


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