NPCs pod killing players in hi-sec, CCP have crossed the line!

i partially copied this from my angry post on another topic…

im a veteran player that ‘was’ looking into returning to eve, i just went to get some stuff to do some mining…
autopiloting in a shuttle, all hi-sec, 2 cheap modules, not a target for players…
on the way back, the same route, i get a message when i get to the gate, something about something new id never heard of, EDENCOM… next thing i knew, my ship was dead, in shock at what had happened, i saw it was the triglavian, the kill report conrifmed this, triglavian NPCs, now this itself is a little extreme, NPCs gate-camping in hi-sec should not be a thing in my opinion, but this can be debated til the end of time… but worse was yet to come…

NPCs POD killing too? are you kidding me??? this is a step too far, POD kills should be PvP actions ONLY!

i stuck around trying to figure out what the hell had just happened, up until this point, i KNEW that NPCs dont target pods, i mean you dont want to completely put players off of even playing if NPCs are also gonna take out your pod. if i even suspected that CCP would make NPCs kill player pods, well for one i wouldnt have stuck around, but i would have also never attempted to come back, NPCs killing player pods has crossed the line!

i was going to read up on new features while mining, i had already looked into the new moon mining thing last night.

this isnt my main account, so even those implants is a small loss, but what if it was my only account, those implants would be a huge loss to someone less wealthy in EVE Online!

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Trigs are not the first NPCs to pod. Jove, sleepers, FOB’s NPC response fleets all can pod you.


I disagree, at least some NPCs should indeed kill pods. Hanging around invincible in your pod is absurd from all perspectives.

Of course, NPCs can and should react differently to pods: Standard pirate rats e.g. could be too lazy or undisciplined to immediately target your pod, unexperienced “green” crews may have not experience fighting capsule pilots and therefore may not even target pods at all, elite NPCs however will react faster, up to special NPCs like Trigs or Sleepers just not caring and immediately locking and firing at your pod.

Maybe in the future, now that CCP has made the first steps?


Very well done !

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This really doesn’t need its own thread - the thread you were in before is the right place for your comments as the current active discussion thread for NPC podding behavior.

The line has been crossed!

Its over! No more Podkilling in highsec!

The line guys.


cheap stuff… wouldnt have been a worthy target to another player

maybe in low-sec and lower yeah, but not in hi-sec

From what argument do you derive the conclusion that Pod-Killing must only be a PVP thing?

They didn’t used to, but they do now:

Ok, I get you might be a little surprised if you have been away for a while, but they have been doing this for quite a while now. There is nothing especially strange about this that I see, other than maybe the original vanilla rats didn’t shoot at pods and that set some expectations.

It’s all good. Loss is part of Eve. There are ways to deal with them - dig around the forums for some ideas - and you’ll be successfully surviving in the dangerous place that is New Eden with all the rewards and satisfaction that brings. Or, not and just go play something else you don’t have outdated and misinformed expectations about.


There are consequences for careless laziness. Don’t blame the game for it. Also gankers are going for pods in autopilot shuttles, so you have no excuse that something got changed.

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cant properly explain it, its the way its always been, and should have remained in my opinion…
why do some NPCs pod you and others dont, it doesnt make sense, ive always seen hi-sec as ‘safe’ from extreme actions like pod killing from PvE actions, NPCs pod killing is a step too far, my mind wont change on this.

the last time i properly played was 2015, i still had some industry jobs on that were started back then :smiley: and the idea of NPCs pod killing never entered my mind, the NPC gate camping i can get used to and accept, it shouldnt have even let me warp there… the auto-route settings for it should not have allowed this to happen, isnt that the point of the auto-route safety settings anyway?

yes i know its lazy, but my point was i had so little value on me that they wouldnt be able to potentially get much from the wreck, so i wouldnt be a worth while target to players.

if we cant autopilot long trips through hi-sec for just a few cheap items in a cheap ship that no player would waste their time on, then what is the point of that system remaining i the game? you dont autopilot just to next door do you?

They don’t know your pod imps, gankers will smartbomb any autopilot shuttle if they are ready. It’s about the pod killmail, not the shuttle.

it is funny how the high sec gankers want all the benefits of high sec but no draw back. Why should npcs not pod you? Your a criminal. You made an active and dedicated choice to get there, Die like the criminal scum you are.

excuse me, im no crimninal, im hi-sec carebear!
im no ganker, i think you are confusing me with someone else :smiley:

updated some older comments with more moaning :stuck_out_tongue:

When you don’t even bother to be at the keyboard when piloting this is what happens. The lock time of the NPCs is slow enough to where you can easily get away if you bothered to pay attention.

“But autopiloting is not a crime think of the children newbros who will die because of this.” /s

We all know most cases this is the next step in such discussions. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a setting to avoid trig and Edencom minor victory systems. You can also get standing with trig and Edencom so they don’t attack you. Your laziness lead to your death.