PODDED by NPC fleet in HISEC

While in the Gallente hi-sec system of Amattens and parked next to a planet for some probe scanning, I was jumped by a fleet of Triglavian NPCs who scrammed me, destroyed my ship and podded me. Is there nothing left in this game for developers to sh*t all over? With all these crazy changes it’d probably be more entertaining to flush my RW money down the toilet instead.

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What are you trying to say here? Sounds like you put yourself in a vulnerable position and died due to your own mistake.

No one can stop you. Live your dream.


Damn, even the blogs here are filled with trash-mouth infants. Sorry for interrupting your nap time.


You posted on a public forum. In the wrong subforum at that too.

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What is RW money?

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EVE is not risk free.

If it makes you feel any better, I lost the following on a gate in highsec as well.


I recommend catching up on some EVE news if you have recently returned after being away for a while. NPCs have been podding players for a long time now - the Trigs weren’t even the first NPCs to do it.

Read up on Pochven wormhole mechanics and how to get standings with the Trigs to quickly and relatively easily make them neutral toward you.


Yes, yes I did. Clearly I am unfamiliar with all this. Can you forgive me? No? Then go ahead and heap your scorn on this lost and half-blind old cripple… it’s why you’re here.

No, it does not make me “feel” better but I am grateful that you shared this. Of course there is risk in EVE, I accept that. My point is that it should be risk I can understand… I’ve lost ships before and never said a word… because I understood the game dynamics. This was just so unexpected and unprecedented in the decades I’ve been playing. Thank you for your reply.

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You could always raise your standings with the trigs so they don’t shoot you.

Thanks for this advice. I’ve been a long-time solo player, perhaps too narrowly focused. I’ll have to figure this out, or maybe take that break and let CCP figure out just what they’re doing. Thanks.

as adviced above, raising your standing can be pretty quick.

I agree it’s a stupid mechanism. Most people agree, only CCP consider it to be “exciting” for new/returning players to be insta killed at a random gate/station, then insta podded.

I mean, it’s one of those times where I agree with “Fu©k you CCP”.
Also don’t worry, scoot choco is a toxic asshole. He is sad with life, so needs to pass his rage on people over the internet with insults, using constant victim blaming.

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Scoots’ responses can often lack tact, but I don’t think his response here qualifies. In fact, quite the opposite. I think it’s you who are out of line. You came in here complaining, and then started calling him names when he didn’t give you a pity party.

But on the off chance you do want to learn, I suggest you never sit still and uncloaked in space, as it makes you extremely easy to kill. The trigs may have blapped you this time, but the truth is, you were going to die sooner or later. Lord knows I would have ganked you if I had found you sitting still in a Vedmak.

You can also turn the trigs neutral by getting dual standings with them.

Finally, I do sympathize with new and returning players who feel like it’s really cheap to get killed by a danger that they had no way of knowing about without reading patch notes, talking to other players, or whatnot. But, I need to run. So, I’ll save that discussion for another thread or video.

no, he called him name when he started the usual victim blaming

You remove the personal judgement, what remains ? OP died, which is the OP statement. So it’s just plain insults, under a false pretense of discussion.

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i lost a prot the same way… i learnt and moved on. i suggest you do the same son…

Triglavian NPCs have been podding people since 2019. It’s hardly unprecedented for it to happen today.

And you haven’t been playing for decades. The game hasn’t even been out for decades.

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But before, there was a warning. Now you can be podded when entering an arbitrary system.


Allow me to translate this:

I was jerking off in public space and then some guys jumped me .

Oh well… What did you expected ?

You might lookup my Employment History and Do The Math before saying more stupid things like this. Maybe it’s just a bad attempt at “humor” but I wish people would stop treating me like some noob who’s only been playing since 2019.

Real World money, as opposed to game currency, such as ISK. In my case, US dollars. Sorry if there is a better way to indicate that.