Subscription canceled

I just canceled my subscription, because im no longer able to move stuff even in a blockade runer.
On arrival in System:

  • immediately uncloaked cos of saturation of gate area with trigs
  • immediately target locked and unable to use cloak module
  • immediately scrambled and unable to warp away

CCP have fun with your Credo of, we only care about how we can destroy as much player-stuff as possible.
Gosh, whats the point of Highsec if u do everything to push players into null and into null-carebears.
Every single report clearly shows where the most money is made, lets push everyone into a single corner.

have fun

Can I have your stuff?


Isn’t there a box you can fill-in when you cancel saying why?

Anyway thanks for sharing, I’m sure I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that.


Can I have your stuff?


Oh man! I was about to ask that!

Oh wait. I see @Janncor_Lennox beat us both to it.

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Highsec isn’t safesec. Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose and all that.

I will. The game hasn’t been more interesting in a long time. Fly safe wherever you end up, but probably given thus is just a bog-standard “I lost something” post, I fully expect you to reconsider in a few days once the sting has worn off.

Fly safe, or at least try to fly safer :wink:


tldr: I lost a ship and am quitting because of it


Thx for a constructive reply.
My problem is, whats the point of investing into skills, ships and fittings, to reduce risk or improve chances, when all those investments mean nothing.
If your immediately unclocked, locked and scrambled in a ship+fitting to actually avoid insta-death and give you a chance in such a situation, i can just forget about it and fly a dumb indy.
There was zero chance to do anything to survice except not entering the system at all.
I have neutral standing with trigs and it was a minor victory trigs system, if even that is enuf to make you avoid a system, cos you could still get instapopped, its just plain dumb.
If CCP thinks, they only way to play is fighting all time and playing solo is impossible, well its their game. I just think its not a healthy path they take.

Dude, just because you invest into getting a fancy ship, doesn’t mean you’re immune to danger, or don’t manually ■■■■ up every once in a while. It sounds like you made a bunch of assumptions about what you could get away with, and were proven wrong. Did you at least test before trying to make the actual hauling trip, or did you attempt the real thing on the first try? Show us the loss mail so we can see what happened.

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i’d make a bet (but that’s against tos now) that OP’s gonna silently come back later and hope no one notices or calls him out on this post.

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Gosh, i made several hauling trips in the past days through that system. Im using blockade runners for the last 3 months (the time im playing after coming back) and before.
Im well aware that there is no area without any danger in eve.
Again, when a highsec system that has just a minor victory for the rigs is so swarmed at gate, that u immediately get uncloaked cos so many trigs are arround the gate and when u get immediately scrambled that even a 5s align time doesnt cut it (and yes i know i could get it below 3s, yeah big fun hauling stuff with such fits), the game is just no longer fun.
Im not arguing that the game has to completely cater to my style of play, im argueing that my style of play is pushed out of the game. Not everyone likes confrontation, some ppl simply wanna avoid it. If EVE no longer supports this players …

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Wow first post here. Going to really miss the rest of your takes here on the forums.

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Five seconds is ages in EVE time when we’re speaking of alignment inside hostile areas.

Risk and reward, dude. My Prowler has a sub-3-second align time, and I do not compromise on that. I’d rather make an extra trip than take that risk. It kind of seems like you want to have your cake and eat it too, because you want both a minimum amount of effort and a maximum amount of safety. Well, that doesn’t exist.

No, it really isn’t. You can do everything you want to do; you just have to realize that there’s a trade-off between safety and efficiency you have to make in every single business venture you undertake.

You’re welcome to try to avoid confrontation, but you can’t ask the game to do it on your behalf only because you don’t want to face the element of risk. If you are going to participate in the game’s economy, you have to play by the same rules everyone else does. We can’t have players completely opting out of risk while at the same time being able to influence the game through the market; the entire economy would collapse.

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I have moved this thread to Out of Pod Experience as it is a quitting post. Thanks to those responding to the OP with constructive feedback. Please keep your responses respectful!

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You jumped into something that you didn’t understand or prepare for, and you Blame CCP?

I mean, it would be one thing if the system wasn’t clearly marked, but it was. I also might be a little more sympathetic if you were one the first people caught off guard by the new mechanics, but you weren’t.

Oh, and covops capable ships getting decloaked by the trash on grid is nothing new. Large gank fleets can leave gates littered with wrecks and faction police, which has given plenty of covops haulers who failed to use scouts or intel tools a nasty surprise.

“Oh no i am just unsubb because i forgot to defend my system, i am a crybaby please guys, help me cry more”

Bye bye, edenbear




Didn’t want to be captain obvious, but Triglavians intended to invade “3 systems of 9”, or 27 in total. The event CCP organized for Triglavian invasion would not end, and the next event would not begin until that’s accomplished - and we all know that gaming companies have event timelines and deadlines.

So - without taking any side related to the OP - you do realize that 27 systems must have been invaded in a game event of predefined length? It doesn’t matter if you try to “defend” a system or not - 27 systems would become Triglavian regardless of what you do in the game.

I am pro triglavian

You can’t go in system where they have insta-lock, and, insta-warp isn’t going to work with Transport ships.
Only the Leopard and a few well rigged and fitted , with high-skills, Interceptor can do that, and, even they can get trapped at the gate, not at the insta-warp zone, but, on landing.

Furthermore, you can use,

to verify which systems are vulnerable,
be in the Anti-Ganking channel and, hire escort.

Additionally, you can cancel your subscription, even for other reasons.

It’s better to learn before you lose over 10 billion like that.
Some people lose more otherwise.

1 minute later:
The new Triglavian invasions make it more necessary to check in High-sec for those systems, however, even before those, gankers used to attacks along routes, which, if you were not careful, could get attacked.

By the way, in High-sec, and even in Wormholes, if there is someone else in the system who has detected you, they have intelligence of where you are.
If they have someone in the other system where you are going, they have intelligence of where you are, and where you went, and where you came from.
If they have someone in another system than the one you went to, and there are only 2 other systems that you could have been to, you are in either.