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Approximately 6 months ago I suffered from a hack possibly from a Russian since the logs told me that it was from there, unfortunately I took everything I had, ships, isk, SP, EVERYTHING, immediately changed the password of my accounts and everything and I reported to CCP which after 2 weeks of waiting told me that they could not do anything since “their systems did not detect anything” giving me enough proof that what had happened was not normal. The issue is that nothing was achieved and I was left with little else and a shuttle, I come to ask for help as space colleagues, some support that they would like to give and can afford.
My account was not the most valuable but it was my account and I was very fond of it, I had 20 M SP,
Approximately 5 B of assets and another 7 B in the wallet. I’m back after 6 months to try to get ahead but I have nothing else to do, if you require proof of the above, don’t hesitate to ask me, I just ask for a little help to get back to the game I always loved.

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Don’t worry mate you’ll get back there easily. find yourself a decent wormhole corp and get to work.

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