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This is not your typical Character Recovery request. I have been playing EVE since 2003. In 2007, I graduated college and thought I would have to quit playing because I would have my first real job. To help facilitate this exit I sold my main. I came back not long after that and have regretted the sale ever since.

Over the years I have seen him trade hands a few times, but I never had the ISK to buy him back. Now that I have some ISK to burn, the character never logs in. The character does not seem to have been active since 2014 and his corp hasn’t been active since 2015.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I could track down the owner. His corporation had a website that only recently seemed to go down. I am not sure if CCP would facilitate communications, but I doubt it,

Yup - think you’re out of luck on that one.

If you’ve got the money, you might consider starting an alt with a similar name and fill it with skillpoint injectors. I wonder if it’s even legal for CCP to contact the RL user of the account over this since it’s not a security matter nor anything concerning the contract between CCP and the RL user.

Matbe tracking previous users would give some idea, or his corpmates if he had any. If he had some ties and friendships that is.

Similar kind of deal sort of myself… Quit playing for a few years, let an rl best friend at the time borrow my accounts for whatever time I was planning to be gone. Lost touch with the friend for awhile but we still speak… Dodges me the few times I’ve asked about my accounts… Both from 07 with some really solid skills and assets… Accounts haven’t logged in for two years…

Huh… you’ve just confessed to have broken the EULA. :neutral_face:

Shrug was basically lending my account to a family member, not likely to recover the accounts anyways… irrelevant…

Hopefully my tale will inspire you with some hope. Around 12 months ago I looked up my first character and found him languishing in an NPC corp. He’d been in there for around 18 months and in three seperate corps over the past three years since his last documented sale. I decided that I wanted him back, so evemailed the owner asking for a price. I wasn’t expecting a response as it’s often the case that an NPC corp means inactivity, but of course there was always a chance that it’s being used as an incognito alt.

I waited a few weeks then set about contacting former corpmates who had flown with him and gotten kills, using Zkill and Eve Who. Luckily one of them from a few corps back still played with the same guy but on Day Z. Within a week I had my character back and we’re now reunited.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to former contacts, you never know…

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I just tried this, found a few of his old corpmates that have played in the last few years to see if they had a way of contacting him.

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You could probably hire a hacker and steal the account info?

That, or buy Pearl Abyss and force Hilmar to bend the knee and offer the account info to you.

Im not sure which is more convenient or expensive.

You could ping him on the forums, long shot i know.

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