Help! I want to buy back my orphaned toon!


After playing EVE for several years I took a multi-year break, and honestly didn’t believe I would play again after a null-sec war burned me out. Well, I came back to the game and am nostalgic for my old toon, makanesi. I’ve done some digging and it appears he’s been sitting in an NPC Corp for some time. I’ve mailed the toon, as well as contacts within all of his precious corporations after I gave him away. Unfortunately, all I’ve heard back is that nobody knows how to get in touch with the account controller. It’s a bit sad. I am wondering if there are any ideas on how to get in touch with the account holder to buy back the toon.

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Sitting in NPC corp for a while is a strong signe of an AFK owner.

That’s my thought. Hopefully he doesn’t get biomassed. I’d rather buy him back than that happen.

I go through this sad problem every day when i log in + see her inactive for 2 years


Posting flyers around the neighborhood usually gets the locals to help out, yelling in every local you enter the message, dropping the mobile depots with messages, create a corp with the name call it “We want X back”. Message in game through the ticket system to devs, post to forums, youtube videos explaining the situation, discord servers, youtube comments, twitch comments, post to reddit r/eve, other social media posts, start a mail campaign sending flyers to entire cities until you have canvased the globe, make a music video in the hopes the she will see it and want to get back with you( it should look something like this ) , hire bounty hunters to track the character down in game, add character to see when its online, …
These are just a few ideas off the top of my head.
Best of luck,


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