Help reclaiming old toon “Tal Redfield”

Hey everyone,

I left the game a while back and sold my main at that time. I have since returned and have been trying to contact my old main through various ways without any success. So now I am turning to the eve community to see if anything comes of that. I linked the eve who profile for Tal Redfield. It was my toon when part of Bondage Goat Zombie. So if anyone has connections with Rowans Crown or Sniggwaffe it would be appreciated I am trying to find some way to contact the current owner to see if they would be willing to sell back to me on character bazaar.

Thanks everyone

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It’s possible they may not be playing EVE, and if they aren’t, nothing CCP can do.

Send me 2b and Ill find him for ya

I am sure it is very likely they are not playing eve anymore. Just hoping that perhaps someone recognizes the name and knows the owner in RL. It’s a very long shot.

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