Eve Online Please Help!

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but after 8 days of an open ticket and reaching out to CCP about an issue where my account has been hacked and no replies or any acknowledgement that they are working on the problem is stressful. You spend years playing this awesome game everyone talks bad about but you don’t care and some idiot comes buy hacks your account and your reaction is you are mad but then you think CCP wont let me down i will just add an authenticator and file a ticket surly in a few (2-3) days someone from CCP will let me know what’s going on. All i want is to get this issue resolved everyone says well this takes time to investigate, so calmly i wait a few more days then i get on my account and start digging myself and find where someone had sent over 165 injectors to my character? The info listed time day and it is all in the logs, so it only took me 5 minutes to look and find where someone sent the injectors over, i am no Dev but it seems like follow the injectors and money and find your culprit? It isn’t like i can call CCP and find out why or what is taking so long because they don’t offer customer support over the phone. I just want to enjoy the game i have spent so many years playing and i hope that any new people who read this don’t get turned off by my post, Eve is a wonderful game the Devs are hard working, this just might be a case of they are backed up, i dont have the answer but all i would like would be some communication about what is going on and when i can expect to get back to having fun in eve like i use too. Just a little communication please CCP!


It takes time to investigate. It was your fault to begin with that you were hacked. Be patient.

That’s gotta be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Just exactly how is it his fault that his account was hacked?


Be patient you’ll get it all back

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Yeah, and …

That still doesn’t make it his fault that his account was hacked.

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It does.

The only way it doesnt make it his fault, is if CCP itself was hacked and every one of our account info and passwords were compromised, or if google was hacked and the coding for the entire gmail system was compromised.

Otherwise, if youre using secure mailing services with dual factor authentication, using proper password vigilance by utilizing lengthy and random inclusions of letters and numbers, in conjunction with google auth on your phone, while getting email alerts on your phone when someone tries to access your mail, etc etc, its almost impossible to get hacked.

Ill bet you a billion isk that he didnt do anything close to what i wrote, though.

hmmm … some wuestions:

1.: you were able to login?
2.: they did not change your password?
3.: did you got extracted or what ahppend to the chars on this account?



  1. someone hacked his account
  2. someone transferred Fifty Two Billion worth of skill extractors to his account
  3. he was able to log in to his account and activate the Authenticator thus retrieving his “hacked” account
  4. he has filed a support ticket and is waiting for the reply

What have have I missed here?

Im pretty sure that the guy used the extractors already and went off with his skill points. His point is that he was able to check the logs to see that he recieved the skill injectors from another account and therefore asking ccp why its taking so long when all they have to do is follow the trail.

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The last guy who posted something similar said it took close to 3 weeks to be resolved. Guess you gotta be patient

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if it makes you feel any better this is always the case. I have played for 13 years and I have had similar account issues. My wife hacked my account in a drunken rage (I deserved it)* and it took 17 days for them to respond. This was about 2 mos ago. On the up side they credited me the days I lost. CCP isn’t a huge company. You have to remember that. But, my experience has been, they WILL get to you. Just chill, bro.

*she made me say that :slight_smile:

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If the op hacked his own account, then it is his fault.
Otherwise you are blaming the victim.

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So you leave your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition?

Wow, that’s a lot of extra precautions to do, paranoid?

Hell I don’t do that stuff and I’m sure there’s a lot of others that don’t do it either.

Honestly, I’d consider it “standard operating procedures”.

Given how many people have email on their phones that isn’t set up with SSL/TLS, I’m surprised this isn’t more of a rampant problem. It becomes almost trivial to hijack someone’s email account, and thus, everything they’ve registered with that account.

Yeah, maybe so, glad I don’t have my Email accounts on my phone.

Sure am. Nothing wrong with that.

When you go to a parking lot, sometimes there will be a sign that says “please make sure to lock your car and do not leave anything valuable inside unattended” .

Stealing, breaking into a car, even if it is unlocked, is a crime. And yet, we dont post signs that say “theft is a crime, dont do it” . We post signs that say “dont be an idiot, lock your car and take your valuables with you.” we realize and recognize that, yes, theft is a crime, but there are precautions that need to be taken. Otherwise, its your fault. Leaving a car unlocked with an open briefcase full of cash in plain sight in the middle of a low income district for a week, and reporting to the cops that your money and car was stolen, will only get you laughed at. Put that on the news, and the general opinion would be “yeah, thats kinda your fault for being stupid. What did you think would happen?”

I use this many precautions with my main email because its tied to my bank and paypal accounts, as well as my work.

My password is written down in my house to prevent people from guessing, and to make sure that i can only access it from secure devices that i know and trust. I have google auth on my phone as well as alerts set up so i know if someone attempts to log into my computer.

If you care about security, you will take the precaution. And in todats world, its getting easier and easier to steal other peoples info. Google knows this, and thats why i know for a fact that they always ask you to set up two factor authentication, and a backup mail address when you make a new account. People would have considered that as “extra precautions” and “paranoid” 10 years ago. But they are standard today.

Do you?