My Very first post on this forum is a moan

My corporation is merging with another. My main character does not have access to his old ISP email address so he cant use SSO to join the new corp until the associated email with the account is changed to a new email address. He has no access to the old email.

I logged a ticket to get this corrected on the 25th of July, SUPPORT REQUEST #936699, I’ve had no response from CCP at all on this issue. The character with the problem is a veteran with 250 million SP and has supported five accounts for many years.

Frankly I expected better. This level of “service” is unacceptable. I at least expected a response that somebody was looking at the ticket.

If CCP want to remain veterans then a bit of TLC goes a long way.

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Make sure you are logged into the page properly. Sounds daft but exactly this happened to me.

Tried again with another ticket after Checking I was properly logged in, got it sorted within an hour.

Though I wasnt doing it on a weekend ofc.

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It’s like it’s not your account or is at least shared. Also, from personal experience: if you have account access or mail issues you get helped really quickly IF your account doesn’t smell fishy and you provide them with some basic info, like payments etc.

The fact that it takes THAT long makes me believe that your account IS fishy, which brings us back to point one: It’s like it’s not your account or is at least shared.

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Thanks- all the details recorded on the ticket show my character portrait and the ticket reference since it has been created must be some level of proof that the ticket is in the CCP system. The escalation system appears to be quite poor IMO


Lol, you’re in BoT. Gut feeling confirmed.

Get real- you live in a fantasy world- bollocks to the holiday season- how long is long enough- a week, a month, a year. I think nearly 2 weeks is long enough- I mean it’s not exactly been a day has it. For the record your a flaming little t**t


Id give it until tomorrow though. I know if I was on the desk Id not be assed. Im hangin to feck this morning.

Bloody Daquiris

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…and so what…what has you constructive “comment” got to do with this post- your just a retard.

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That would be because you don’t belong in a customer service environment. You don’t understand the concept of good service and I’m not going to waste my time explaining that that to a booze filled lush.

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Actually I work in it every day.

Im guessing you must be one of those managers who never works a weekend anyway.

But sure immeadiately turn hostile on a joke, why not.


Don’t joke at my expense- your not affected with the issue so your comment was unnecessary and a waste of both your time & mine. If your so good at customer service you would be emphatic and not acting like a t**t- would you have felt better if I had posted this thread on a Monday- what a retard.

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Wow you are a prime example of why customers are the worst thing to happen to people who work.

You need to leave the 'tude in the schoolyard where it belongs, friend.


They have everything they need. There is nothing bad about the account I’ve had it for 10 years- why do people always think the worst.

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I think you mean empathetic

And I was. You decided to be an a-1 ass about it.

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What makes you think I don’t work- I’m up at 4.30 AM every morning and I drive 212 miles per day, 5 days per week as well as working in excess of 9 hours per day as well as a minimum of the 5 hours round trip drive. You know nothing about me…only what you think you know…

Of course you do.
And you help at a soup kitchen in your spare time.

And yet you still have time to play EvE. Wierd.

So why again the rude tude for no reason? You think that gets you results somehow?

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your not in a position to offer me anything- so go away and play WOW- move along nothing more here.

And CCP dont listen to technical account issues here.

The only purpose to post here is to ask for help from the community, and with your stinky attitude Im not sure why youd expect to get any.

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Hopefully now that you’ve posted this in a General Forum and thrown around some insults this will get sorted out.

I mean, that’s how CCP’s customer service works, isn’t it?



A request like this will almost certainly go to Team Security. If you can login to the game, you should also be able to login to account management - same credentials - and change the email yourself. If you can’t do that, there is reason to be cautious and guard against a 3rd party trying to hijack the account.

Team security is very busy - response time could be measured in weeks, not days.