Account Recovery Issue

I am a player returning since 2018. I have been waiting over 12 days for Support to answer my ticket.

Is this normal? I remember when I played before that support was a lot faster. Like 24-48 hours.



It depends on the complexity of the issue and the type of GMs involved, as not all GMs will handle account & billing issues. I recently submitted one about player accessibility and had a response in < 48h.

Hope you hear back soon.

Thank you.

On a positive note, I started a new toon so I can at least learn the game again, but it just doesn’t feel right not flying some of my old ships with my old toon buddy. lol

Does anyone have a suggestion for escalation?

I started replying to the email and even opened a second ticket. I think this might be counter productive and feel like it makes me look like a Karen. I want to be able to give the team time to do their thing, but at the same time I am tweaking to get my old toon back and flying!

opening more tickets is worse than just having one… you could try emailing from your email address on file…

im not understanding why you can’t get access to your 2018 toon. Should be as simple as just changing your password… usually when it escalates to ccp being involved, seems more nefarious stuff has happened.

I agree. It was a wrong decision born from frustration. I acknowledge it was the wrong thing to do, and I owned that.

I went back and looked at all my old eve email. There was an email change right around when I quit. I never changed my email address for that account. I tried every email I have from 2018, and none of them worked. I fear my account has been compromised.

If that is the case, it may explain why you are waiting so long for a response.

If you email the support desk, it creates a new ticket.

Still no reply to my ticket.

Unfortunately nobody here can help with that. Good luck getting a reply.

I was able to talk to a GM via another ticket, and at least they confirmed the ticket is open. Just seems like a waiting game now.

Thanks for the update, and good luck.

Bro I have the exact Same Issue, and my ticket was open 33 days ago, still no response… just to let you know…

I just got a response Monday.

Answered a few questions and am waiting again.

Just glad contact was made.

Wish you the best of luck, Trades’Man!

Figured I would update everyone. Things did not go well. I was able to recover my accounts, but they have been plundered. Looks like I am starting back at 5M SP.

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