Returning player. 2FA keys lost, 48 hours with no ticket response

I am looking for some information on support turn around time for account and billing issues. I have been away (on another account) since 2018 and my 2FA keys have been rotated since then.

Is it normal to be waiting 48 hours for support replies to issues that block users from accessing the game? I’ve never put a ticket in for this category before, and expected a faster response. I’ve had 24 hour responses for ship reimbursements before which is not exactly a priority.

Is it worth me opening a ticket for every account I have locked out?

Those codes only work for a short while. You should receive a new email with a new code whenever the system want’s you to re-authenticate. Check your email’s promotions and spam folders if you don’t see it pop up in your in-box.

If you lost access to the associated email address(es), you might need to file a ticket for every account. Dunno, but I’d file them just to be on the safe side.

I don’t know if things are getting better, but CCP support team was a bit overwhelmed by the influx of players caused by covid. Perhaps they’re still playing catch-up. Anyway, try to be patient. Hopefully, they’ll get to you soon.

If you submitted your ticket through the account recovery process they will send a temporary password to the email address on file for that account. If you no longer have access to that email the recovery could be slow and painful - they’d rather annoy you than let someone hijack your account.

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Yeah so I have reset password and it’s expecting me to fire in my 2FA code from Google Authenticator. So I will just have to wait as there is no way in getting by this stage without them.

I was just expecting someone to at least reply to the ticket within 24 hours to say it’s been assigned or is being looked into.

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