Support response time for account recovery

I first reached out to support for help getting access to an old account on Jan 2nd after I noticed that the email under my account name did not look like anything I had ever used. I contacted support via the web chat and was informed that my issue was escalated to a GM. Fast forward a week and no response so I open a ticket and send an email, and still no response.
Reached out to twitter support to see what is going on and if this kind of delay normal. They have all they need but are still sitting on it apparently. Here is has been almost 4 weeks and still dont have access to my old account. All I need is an ETA or some kind of status other than, its escalated, who the hell did they need to escalate it too?

I just recently finished a ticket similar to this and it took almost a month for the initial response, and then another 2 weeks of back and forth for the conclusion.

Well then. I’m looking to re-join EvE, but cannot access one of my accounts because 2FA was wiped from my phone last year. Raised a ticket 24 hours ago, and was wondering about the no response yet thing. This answers it. I’ll give it another day I reckon, and then I reckon I won’t be rejoining EvE.

Patience padwan…there is a large DDOS ongoing and support/customer service is slammed right now. Tickets take more than 48 hours usually.

Yeah, did you read the OP? My pessimism radar is pinging mate.

Yeah I have a lost email

Why isnt CCP servers and whole domain using cloudflare DDOS protection?

Who is leading this DDOS debarkle its as simple as using the nice cloudflare anti ddos system

Or dont you know pwitty things… how to do a network.!

So, if I raised the job Sunday, and it’s now Wednesday night…does that constitute “more than 48 hours usually”? I mean, since I’m aiming to be a Jedi and all that, I need to know.


I also put in an account recovery request in early Jan and have had nothing in response.
I understand the DDOS issue for the last little while but why is there no tracking or acknowledgement?
How long do I wait before assuming the request has fallen through the cracks in the support system?

Well, kudos to them in some way. It took about 10 days before they finally actioned my request in any way, which is dreadful IMO, but their opening action was to rectify the problem and provide me with a couple of weeks of free Omega. So, one cannot get too agitated at the delays when auto-compensation occurs.
A Generally Satisfied Customer.

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