(John I Black) #1

Is it normal to wait 2 weeks for any response from the account recovery support?

(Zachri) #2

Yes. They do what they can, CCP even outsourced a bunch, but CS bears a lot of load as I understand it.

On the bright side, they do their best, and they aim to do well.

(Nico Boru) #3

With all the recent goings on with socket closures and DDoS events theres bound to be backlog they are working on.

(John I Black) #4

Thank you. In that case, I have to wait patiently for the answer.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #5

usually you get a small present for the waiting time

the support works really good but its just too much going on atm


(Lanky Yewsun) #6

I have been waiting about 2 weeks also. I am glad it’s not just me.
who knew after 5 years, if you don’t use your email address you made for your Eve account, it gets deleted and in unrecoverable

(system) #7

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