Support reaction time 14d+

Is anyone else experiencing a long time until tickets are (at least) responded to?

I lost access to one of my accounts and right now its more than 14 days and still no reaction to my ticket… :frowning:

A support ticket gets answered immediately by an email that it has been received. Then a CCP employee has to read your email and investigate. Depending on the issue and your ability to not be vague or deceiving it will take some time.

Loss of account access is vague. Did you sell your account out of the official bazaar character sales system? Did you share your email account AND password to someone?

You are free to give more detail but make sure not to mention your account name or password or email. In general do not post any confidential information. Also do not post about a ticket with the intent to make CCP look bad. All we can do is give our opinions, only CCP can help you. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, even if you are a badass. :wink:

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Yup, I’m going on 18 days now.

It depends on what your issue is, if it is complicated or related to an account issue then it may have to be looked at by a Senior GM. Who are probably few, far between and very busy.

It probably depends on the volume of current tickets they are dealing with so if something changes in the game and some bugs mess over a lot of players you can expect long wait periods right after an update whereas you might get instant response other times through out the month/year.

Accounts recovery tickets get dealt with FAST, generally within minutes. It CAN take longer if there’s any follow up required but generally there will have been a reply by that time and possibly a back and forth.

If you have gotten no answer at all make sure you used the right email address.

Probably cutbacks in staffing.

I surely had no intention to make CCP look bad, i just was trying to understand if there is a general delay in ticket response time.

And surely noone would be stupid enough to create a ticket when he has shared his account or email/password data, right? :wink:

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Then don’t worry. CCP will find a solution.

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