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I have a support ticket out and it has been unanswered for 5 days now. Is CCP having problems right now getting to support tickets? is there an influx of support tickets? Is there someone that works for CCP that can pass my support ticket up the line? do I need to resend my support ticket? ANY Information or help on this matter can be of great service.

Thank you
Lady Jenoine

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Depending on the nature of your support ticket it gets triaged as to it’s priority.

Posting about it here will do nothing for your ticket.

It will get answered. Patience.

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Hello! The best advice I can give you is to be patient. All tickets DO get looked at. Thank you.


While both people above gave really good advice, one thing both of them failed to mention is do NOT resend your ticket, that can actually make things worse for YOU. please be patient and someone will be with you soon™


Are you having a technical issue with the client? If so, let us know the details, and I’ll try to help you troubleshoot. I can try to help you with things like client crashes, but obviously can’t do anything about stuff that would require GM action.

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Has your ticket even been looked at? You’ll get a notification when they open and read it.

I put in a ticket last Thursday; it was opened later that day and it was resolved by Monday. My issue was something simple though. I just asked for some information on the history of my account.

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I don’t know why there is no reply on the tickets…
I opened a ticket the 21-March-2020 and for the moment, I have no reply at all…

Did you have answer for the own ticket?
Do you know if the support is still active with the covid-19?


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Current Affairs in Real life are affecting Support ticket responses. However they are still ongoing and they are seen too in regards to priority and the place in line they landed.

In terms of account security or billing a more Senior GM is needed for there knowledge and experience and that may require intensive investigation.

It WILL get seen too, please give it more time.

I hope this allays your fears,


I opened a ticket on the 18th and got a reply yesterday and even though different issues will probably have different response times you can use that as a yardstick.

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Be patient.

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Did you get your issue resolved? If so, please let us know how you fixed it. Might help the next guy with the problem.

my main, sneaky bastard, submitted a ticket almost a week ago, and updated it a day after. No response yet. But considering everybody is working from home in iceland, my main’s ticket wasn’t really a big issue, just something that was noticed.

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I’ve submitted a ticket on my main account on the 13th of march. Still without any answer… I understand that my situation is kinda complex and hard (its about my second char being hacked) but just after my ticket one of GMs decided to ban all my chars from the same mail (protection matters) - even my main char which was transferred into Steam account like 1-2 years ago - thus - its safe all the time. I tried to communicate via facebook but they couldnt help me at all. I decided to give up on ISKs and ships I lost - to make it faster (i just need my SPs back) and asked if thers any option to unban my main - which - as I said - is fully protected (2FA for example). But still no answer. It’s more than 3 weeks already :frowning: And to be absolutely clear - I’m not mad that the whole thing was not sorted yet - Im fine with that and Im eager to wait. Im just sad that my main is baned and during that whole pandemic thing i cant play at all.

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Whenever I submit a ticket, it’s about someone being an offensive asshole …
(… and by offensive i don’t talk about swear words …)
… they all get looked at within the hour.


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What is it with people’s accounts so easily hacked? Do you guys have welcome01 as you password?

Nope - problem is that account was created on old mail with poor protection tools (no 2FA for example).
Ofc its my mistake for not making 2FA for second chars accounts via EVE page - yes thats true. But the whole point if my post is that theres no way to contact GM in any way if You have situation like mine. I’ll write it again - theres not a problem for me that i have to wait to get my hacked char to state it was before. Problem is that GMs decided to ban also all my chars which wasnt hacked but was created on the same mail (but after that transfered into Steam).

CCP once released a dev blog saying that most accounts got hacked through a compromised email account. So, I put each of my omega accounts on their own email addresses. Additionally, I recommend 2FA on your Eve accounts and email accounts, lengthy, unique passwords, and not sharing your email with RMT’ers. Not only is RMT bad for the game, but they will double dip. They’ll take your money, then turn around, hack your account, and sell your stuff to the next guy.

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Why did the accounts get banned?

It’s always the same - they ban accounts from mail to prevent more destruction and changes + to not create more logs - GM have to check it to tell what actually happend.

While You log in it shows that account is banned: “The reason specified was: Account Security Compromised”.

So, it wasn’t the first time your accounts were banned?