Eve support

I have a support ticket out and it has been unanswered for 5 days now. Is CCP having problems right now getting to support tickets? is there an influx of support tickets? Is there someone that works for CCP that can pass my support ticket up the line? do I need to resend my support ticket? ANY Information or help on this matter can be of great service.

Thank you
Lady Jenoine

Depending on the nature of your support ticket it gets triaged as to it’s priority.

Posting about it here will do nothing for your ticket.

It will get answered. Patience.

Hello! The best advice I can give you is to be patient. All tickets DO get looked at. Thank you.

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While both people above gave really good advice, one thing both of them failed to mention is do NOT resend your ticket, that can actually make things worse for YOU. please be patient and someone will be with you soon™

Are you having a technical issue with the client? If so, let us know the details, and I’ll try to help you troubleshoot. I can try to help you with things like client crashes, but obviously can’t do anything about stuff that would require GM action.

Has your ticket even been looked at? You’ll get a notification when they open and read it.

I put in a ticket last Thursday; it was opened later that day and it was resolved by Monday. My issue was something simple though. I just asked for some information on the history of my account.