No more support?

Three weeks now, I’ve been waiting for a response to a support ticket.
Multiple requests, still not a single response.
CCP simply not providing support for this game anymore?

Depends on the urgency of the ticket.

Stop doing that.


Aisha is right, the more you bug them with multiple tickets the longer its gonna take to get to you. Ive had some unanswered, but it also depends on the subject. Ive had some answered within a day, while others take a few weeks

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Also, CCP doesn’t read threads like this. Likely the internal ticket system has zero reference to your character name, all mine have referred to my account name, so they’d have no clue who dafuq you were even if they did.

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Every time you make a new ticket you get moved to the back of the que, just do 1 and wait.

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Link please.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I know in IT, the best way to get a ticket ignored is to submit more than one ticket for the same item. Also, insider secret, we are more likely to ignore your tickets when you submit even one ticket in the future after you have polluted the ticketing system with your garbage in the past. No, being a ‘paying customer,’ does not entitle you to special treatment above any of the other paying customers, especially when people like you, almost always have a problem with layer 8, and not an actual problem.

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@Lt_Lerner_Boloskarl recommend looking at contact options here:

Live chat may be able to give you an update on your ticket. Not recommended to file multiple cases on the same issue.

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so true!

also making a clear statement, seems to be a problem this days as well, like people expect you to jump into the mind of the person and read the context, (without violating any privacy of course haha)

In todays time and age where we go back to hieroglyphs (emoji’s) after developing language over tousends of years, this becomes is a bit of the norm…


Yea exactly I find when ever I contact support think its been twice now, I put as much info in as little writing as possible straight to the point so its easy to read and they come back within 2 days usually, my experience with them has been great.

Now a month, still no response.
I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, as far as “live chat”, have never seen it, or used it in 17 years.
And honestly, if you can’t respond to simple request thru your support system, and explain why the characters are locked on one account, then I have no expectations for “live chat”.

Shake your cane at them and tell them to get off your yard, maybe that will work. Maybe mail them a letter?

If your entire justification for not using a tool is that you’ve never used one before, don’t expect a lot of sympathy as we laugh at you for being a technophobic bitter old Karen. :rofl:

Thread reported because you only want to whine, you don’t want resolution. If you wanted resolution you’d use every tool available to you instead of whining that you don’t like the available tools.

When you go on during business hours for them, in the right hand corner should be a live chat button

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He’s stated he’s never used a live chat in the last 17 years, and he’s not about to start now.

Honestly, I only saw this comment because I forgot to mute this thread last time I was here. OP doesn’t want help, he wants to complain like any boomer Karen.

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Statistically, people who work from home do two hours of work for every ten hours they are paid for. So it might be another month or more.

I’ve waited up to three months for replies on a ticket that can’t be answered with a copy/paste form letter.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Not really my impression based on what he wrote:

He was responding to the ISD who recommended live chat, to which he replied he never seen that option.

(Maybe it is not obviously placed or something, I personally only used tickets as well and never heard of live chat, though am not really a fan either I prefer tickets and personally almost always had things dealt with within a reasonable amount of time without having to be present at the moment while handling an issue, though also true none of my issues were time sensitive either.)

At least that is how I understand what he wrote that he didn’t know about it and as a result used it. Don’t think he was talking about live chat in general (anywhere on the internet or for support purposes just in case of EVE support). Can be wrong though but that is my impression.

Either way personal experience shown me there is not even an actual need for live chat based support and the ticket system works fine almost always.

On that note not sure why in his case it takes that long or what other factor may be at play here that might not factor in for most others. However he mentions multiple requests in his OP which is a big no-no in most cases and as I recall correctly it will just push the ticket to the back of the queue thus submitting one ticket about one subject and letting support handle it should be the best course of action and if additional info needs to be added updating the currently open ticket with it.

Ofc course can’t be 100% sure so maybe support is at fault here despite my prior experience, maybe they changed the recent years or something but in general my experience was almost always good with them so far with a few exceptions only.

Seems true at least in some sense, though not directly, he seems to be wanting help but not actually help, he acts entitled, demanding and rushes to conclusions without considering the possible reasons and his eagerness and rush (opening multiple tickets instead of just waiting) suggest to me that probably his mindset and behavior is to blame at the very least partially.

A “locked” character might mean a ban or something else, whatever it is it sounds like a serious issue either out of game or in-game in nature thus probably requires thorough investigation (I assume he didn’t mean “stuck” but actually being locked) thus it is reasonable to expect it to take time to handle such and OP’s rushing and demanding nature leads me to believe he made things (and support response time) worse by his actions and attitude, instead of being patient and as a result helping his own cause.

Of course the devil’s in the details as they say but that applies to both sides of the situation so on that end we can only speculate, and based on what was presented to me it seems OP might be the cause of his own demise and grief.


On a forum for another game I have been told by another player that they were not going to read my 3 paragraph thesis…and I was literally trying to help them out /facepalm Sad state of affairs it is.

Their loss then. Seems like self inflicted justice to me. :wink:

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Have you considered leaving a bad yelp review?