Support request being isnored

Hello, can anyone help, i filled a support request on Friday and it still hasn’t been responded to. I’ve uploaded screens etc, i need to contact EVE support but they are not responding?

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No one on the forums can help you with support tickets.


well what i was thinking is maybe someone might say
‘yeah ive got the same issue’
or maybe a support staff might see the ticket and try to help

the only thing i can say is that i had/have also a open ticket for 3 weeks and now the bug page shows me this, so it might be a problem with the support site and not a “i dont like to work” CCP problem

also they have plenty of support forms from the last DDoS atk, so it might take a while anyway

nobody will respond to tickets you have in… With social distancing, most if not all staff are at home, tickets are out the yinyang, and it may take a while to get a response. Do not however, create another ticket on top of that, that can make it worse.

Likewise they took 3 months sub from Paypal and no upgrade to Omega… no response to ticket. Why did i bother?

Literally the same issue


I just got a sub on the wrong account. Ive creates a ticket through the website. Then found the pinned tweet from ccp_help

Submitted a second ticket according to their instructions.

And I haven’t heard anything.

I responded to their tweet, it hasn’t been a lot of time but I haven’t gotten a response there either.

I’m freaking out that I’m going to lose $130. Because that account was just a space barbie account. And I feel like ccp doesn’t give two craps about me.

I submitted a ticket on May 2… I just got a response back today. Wasn’t that big a deal cause i found out the problem was my end.

Ok, so it’s still not cool that they haven’t given us any sort of time frame for how long it will take for a reply. And I’m not convinced I won’t be in the it’s my fault bucket. But like, I’d like to know if I’m just out $130 or if I need to find $40 i don’t have for character transfers. You’d think they’d prioritize real-money transactions since it’s so important to people.

short of breaking the rule of posting a GM response, They informed me that while normal circumstances it would take 24 hours to get to a response, they have a unusually long Queue, and response times are suffering due to it.

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