I'm not getting responce from the support

I’m really confuced to start this topic, but I feel like the forum is my last chance.

Almost 2 weeks ago I submited a request to support (request ID 1867575).
Till now, there’s no single answer from support in that request.

After some time (about a week actually) I decided that adding new comments to that request was a bad idea. (Probably, it was lost somehow, a kind of a bug happend…) So I created another request (1873050).

By now I haven’t got an answer in any of these requests for more than 12 and 4 days respectively. Well, I don’t know what to think, because previously all my requests to support were solved in a couple of days max.

What should I do now?

We cant help here.

Adding new requests doesnt help you. It also depends on the urgency of the support request. Ive got dome thst still arent answered

Thanks for the reply.
Do guys from CCP attend this forum?

They do, but unless its an issue that affects multiple people, like issues in australia and players being dc’ed, they wont comment on support issues for individuals.

They have a log and will more important issues first.

I do understand that, but… For me personally it means that in two weeks I’m gonna lose my Omega status. Besides, I’ve spent some money. Amount that is quite significant for me.
So, finally I pay my money, and they just ignore me. That makes me feel bad. ((

Try post on Reddit they look at that more often. If it has to do with you paying RL and they take 2 weeks then there is no excuse.

Gonna try Reddit then.

Today my issue was succesfully solved.
Thanks everyone who paid attention.
Fly safe!

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