CCP Support

How long does is normally take to get a reply on your support ticket?
Waiting for 6 days now, this is just insane.

Mighty quick unless you are sending in something when they had already answered.

Are you waiting for email or are you logging into your ticket.

If the details are true and accurate then, try to understand that your issue might not be as important as you think.

Welcome to Eve Forums and may your ticket be lost in space!

Like i said im waiting for handling my support ticket and the ticket is still open. They didnt even touch it. And its important to me because i cant extract skills and swap them.
Nice if you bought some bloody expensive skill extractors.

Very long.

It took an ex-corpmate over ~28 days to get his ticket resolved.

We have another ticket open on behalf of ~60 folks because of a bad/buggy FW internal game state (CCP didn’t address this during their FW revamp) and it’s been stuck open w/ no response for quite a while.

Those are not purchase related issues!

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Well, some how it is purchase related because i wont activate a new Omega payment before this is fixed. :wink:

Not you, was referring to that 25 day ticket comment.

/shug I would chat to ISD in rookie chat for advise


wait… did you receive your items puchased?

also… did you know that Omega type skills wont extract while in Alpha status?

Anecdotally, the only reliable fast way to get CCP support is to have a “help I’m stuck mid-mission and can’t complete it / the agent is bugged and says I need to accept a mission but won’t give it to me anymore” issue. Not even real-world-money issues are faster.

Yes i know.
It says account is restricted, contact support.

That would be then flagged as a little boy who cried wolf.\

I would not do such and so should anyone else use the asap option to attract attention.


Ticket is low grade, Do you understand that tickets like that go to the bottom as it is wasting their time.

That error message means you need to have omega status first.

I wasn’t saying he should lie, I was simply informing you that purchase-related issues are not necessarily in a fast queue for processing by customer support.

Well look at his error and together we both know the reason for the long delay. Right?

You know better than me. I don’t use skill extractors myself, so I don’t know all the nuances.

Im a Miner (labeled as such) extraction was just a mining adventure,

im waiting for like 3 days
they are slooooooooow
i guess

Unfortunately, they had to cut down on support staffing last year in order to meet 2022 executive bonus targets. But there’s hope that with the reduced player population, the “financially-optimized” support services department will actually be able to keep up with the ticket load in 2023.

Yeah and bogus ticket submits are not helping the actual Capsuleers who are waiting.

It has nothing to do with Omega status, already was under Omega also.
And it has nothing to do with a ban because my account is clean.

You have the extractor you mention it is in Omega status, perhaps ISD in Rookie chat could guide or offer some advise?

It depends what the issue is, personally I have always had great and fast responses and service from customer support.

I really can’t fault them.