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What is the general support reply time. I see some threads on this, but no clear indication of what to expect? As it concerns me giving money to CCP and CCP not delivering it is a bit frustrating.

There is no straight answer for this.
It really depends on the issue, and if its something that can be fixed easily or that needs more time to be put towards it. Do not however, assume that you need to put another ticket in to try to escalate it, that can make it worse.

They do have a queue they try to get through, but there is no “2 hours to reply”, for when support will get back with you… sometimes it may take 24 hrs, sometimes longer… depending on the issue you are having.

Depends on the issue as stated.

Recovering an old account generally takes like an hour, longer if it’s a very difficult situation where there’s a lot of info missing. Resetting an in game mission because it got stuck generally takes 10-20 minutes. Account and payment issues tend to take ages (more than one week in many cases) because it requires a lot of investigation done by a lead GM and also because, generally, it means there have been some fuckups.

Anyone telling you that EVE GM’s are nasty, unwilling or whatever else is just lying to you and it’s probably just them being the nasty & unwilling ones. In all my years of playing I’ve NEVER had any problems with them. Just make sure your ticket makes sense, add as much detail as you can and don’t act like a Karen.

Last I heard (a couple of days ago) the average turnaround time was running at around 8 days. AVERAGE being the important word their I feel.

They will get to it and it will get done. Yes it might take 6 days or 10 days or 7 days or whatever and yes I get that to your personal point of view you would prefer it to be done within 2 or 3 hours - BUT - keep in mind how much they have to do right now with the backlog of tickets etc.
They are going to get to it and as said above, payment issues get looked into more than simple “I pressed the wrong thing could you pls reset my mission” and I would assume the reasoning there would be obvious.

Just give them some time, don’t spam tickets and it’ll get sorted.

My issue with paying for 90 days Omega & it not showing on my account took 5 days.
GM said he/she didn’t know why it didn’t register but corrected it for me.

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Thanks for replies. I’m up to 5 days now, so I’ll keep calm for some more days then.

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