What is average time for Support ticket response?

I am just curious what is average TTR (time to resolution) for Support ticket?
To be honest my experience from customer side is worst. Last my ticket I sent about 6 month ago from other character and response took one week. Now I submited ship reimbursement and it is there more than 48 hours with no any reaction.

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Patience is a virtue.
The tickets get handled usually within a week. I think 48h is a bit soon to except a response.

It is unusual for Support in real world companies. CCP doubled price for game subscription recently - it is understandable for current moment. But I am expecting that CCP will start to operate as an modern company as well.


Imo, 48 hours when your issue is a major bug that entirely lock up the game AND Windows afterwards is too much.

Glad i’m not an Omega paying to not being able to play atm

Hard to be objective when one doesn’t even get a response within 6 days when trying to pay subscriptions and only receiving payment failure emails (on a not-blocked - yes I checked - CC that was used without problems the previous three years) … And after trying all the stuff on the support pages…

Can’t be the first case of online payment failure they encounter in two decades, but even a simple “yes, we’re looking into it” or “no, you’re hopeless” is not what a paying customer can expect.

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