How long does it take for ticket response?

I currently have 2 tickets sitting open, one of them has been unanswered by support for Nine Days. It has to do with payment made regarding Omega game time, so my sub is just ticking away completely unused. I’m a little frustrated and hope that maybe this will be seen by anyone that could assist. Are there key words or something? Not a rant, just concerned.

In my experience they will compensate you for this time by adding more to your account. I have had multiple similar instances (including one where they gave me 10 days of time on 15 accounts that were affected) over the years and CCP has never stiffed me. With that said, I have also experienced a 9 day wait before for a “game is broken, cannot login or do anything” kind of issue before as well and that was without DDoS connectivity issues flooding the system with reimbursement requests. I’ve no doubt it is frustrating, but they will take care of you eventually.

Thanks for the informative reply, it honestly didn’t enter my mind that the DDoS would be affecting the support infrastructure. That kind of makes sense. I do know they have been pretty over burdened with requests. Coming from other MMO’s I’ve just honestly never had to wait this long for a ticket. Ill keep waiting and hoping in the mean time. Thanks

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That’s good to hear, I’ll continue doing what I’m doing then. I know the DDoS was/is putting strain on them, so I gave it the benefit of doubt . Thank you.

I just had one answered/resolved this morning after 21 days.

Have another one open with no reply for 24 days regarding Omega time.

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