i made support ticket before more than 1 day… but still no answer. my account locked because omega refunded, support said “send omega code to unlock!”. when i send omega code, ccp doesnt answer. today is ccps holiday?

Gotta give em a few days and definitely can’t expect anything to happen overnight.

Such type of support tickets usually take more than a day or two at least based on what I read on the various forums.

ISD Old Fart

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She was a bad egg

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CCP are usually good at answering tickets timely, however it can take longer than a few days sometimes depending on the situation and if you’re issue needs to be looked into or investigated.

Be patient, give them a little bit more time. :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget to mention that most ccp employees are busy working on Pearl Abyss games :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of my tickets I have submitted in my time in EVE have been answered and dealt within a matter of a few days. A week at most. One however went undealt with for several weeks and it was this one that I had provided the most information and logs for. I was however awarded for my patience by a very apologetic GM and something extra on top. I was pleasantly surprised and can only say good things about how support tickets are dealt with by CCP.


I think you mean most Devs are now busy mining :grin:

ccp training skill to response…

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