CCP respond time for support ticket?

how long does it usually takes for CCP to respond after submitting a support ticket?

I opened a ticket last Wednesday. I know, Xmas and it’s between the years. At my work we send the customer a short notice if it takes longer then 2 days.


Depending on what kind of request it is, it can take weeks. They usually hand out compensation like a few days free game time if it takes a considerable amount of time to answer.

If you consider the fact that they just fired close to all the community team, it could take awhile.

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All depends what the ticket’s about. Serious ones will get a response almost immediately, if it’s something trivial where a player’s just complaining about nothing, it logically drops way down on the list of tickets to address.

It’s more like a payment issue rather then a trivial payer complaint about lost drones or something.

But weeks, okey. I hope I don’t need to wait weeks. If I am waiting to long and the payment issue is not solved, I can not escalate with withdrawing the payment.

When did they fired the community staff? I remember that some moderates left CCP. It was a few month ago, right?

Support workload is on game masters, not the community team.

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What does “last activity” mean under “my tickets”?

I posted my ticked last Wendsday not 21h. There is also no response from CCP. Does that mean somebody looked into the ticket?

Check to see if anyone has been listed as “Assigned” or if the category has been changed by CCP.

Thank you for your help. To be honest, I don’t know where I can find the field “Assigned”.

I can see on the right personal stuff. Can you you be more clear? I don’t want to be rude, but I really don’t know where I can find that information you mentioned.

The “assigned” field is not always visible, it would have been in that screenshot if it was.

Because the ticket is a payment issue it has to go to the billing team and may take a little longer than your standard support ticket. Unfortunately, this will not be helped by Christmas and New Years.

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You are right.

I am hoping I get an answer next week. If I don’t get a response soon I can not escalate with my payment company.

If I am adding additional infos or screenshots to an open ticked, do I delay the awnser from CCP?

This is literally turning into a Eve Is Dying Thread.

The Community Team isn’t responsible for handling support tickets, that honor falls on the GM Team, who’re part of Customer Support.

If you guys have tickets filed and are waiting for a response, the GM Team will be with you as soon as possible when your ticket reaches the front of the queue.

Sorry for the wait, the team are pretty busy at the minute :heart:

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Week one. I am don’t know what happens to my 180 bucks. There is still hope left. I will give you a follow up guys!

I know the team have a lot of work at the moment. It’s between Xmas and the new year. Thanks for your response Falcon.

I got today a response. Problem solved after one week. Good CCP added some game time for my trouble.

That’s really nice.

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