Why havent player support respond to my ticket?

granted Im a free player but its been like 2 week??

Depending on the type of ticket, it could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks.

And due to the recent chat / login issues, I’d expect it to take even longer.


Currently the server is under attack by ddos please forgive them there’s a lot of support tickets being sent in on connectivity issuse they are currently working on they haven’t forgotten you it just might take a little time

they get to all tickets but as stated above DDos attacks are slowing things down. I lost over a billion isk in implants thru the attacks last week and still waiting to hear from CCP and get them back hopefully. If you can give them a little time and they will help you. Also if you ask ppl in the in game chats they may be able to explain or help you with problems

and Yokobou if u mail me in game I will try to help u out a little. I can get u a ship or 2 and maybe some iskies. Noobs always need help and I don’t mind helping them

Complaining on here won’t make them go faster.

Yea. They should make a ticket for their ticket instead.

No, you mango. They should have waited, like everyone else has to wait.

What makes you think anybody here knows?

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