What happen to customer support?

I played years ago and CCP was on top of any tickets right away. Now i submitted a ticket almost 8 days ago and not a peep?

Is this a common issue? If it is and support is this bad, even for a very minor issue that I submitted, I would hate to see if it was a major concern like purchases or something more important.

For record if ccp sees this : Support Request #1051485

Just curious as to what is up. I hope it is just an over-site or some weird screw up on my side.

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They have a lot of DDOS attacks these days and probably a lot of tickets are issued for reimbursements of ships lost in abyssals etc. I think they are just busy.


Ok, in big picture of things it is trivial. However I sent in update and will just do that once a week, as a reminder till I get a response.

o7 Fly safe.

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I sent a ticket about my lost ship earlier as well, guess they have their hands full.

yea i hear people lost ships, hell there was a big lag spike or something earlier and i was ganked at a gate and lost about 54 mil worth of transport… i look at that as a game tragedy of my dumb choice to follow that route lol…

For the record this is a missing object that should have been supplied from Recruit A Friend reward and I have not seen it…

anyway best of luck to all you who lost their ships. I feel for you.


any updates on the tickets? I am in a similar boat, waiting for a response for exactly a week now. It would be nice to know if the presumed backlog of tickets after the DDoS is being resolved - at whatever speed.

Edit : My ticket was taken care of today, almost exactly 8 days after filing it. Anyone that still has an open ticket - be patient, they will get to you! :slight_smile:


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1 Week ? I have an open ticket since December 26 . Prepare to wait much longer . I have complained about this via Facebook , via chat… Nothing happened . Good luck !

My ship is reimbursed too. Just wait for it, 8-9 days and they’ll reach out to you.

Your question assumes that ‘customer support’ in it’s truest form ever existed here…

You forgot to put DDOS in quotes. DDOS is now one of those go-to things game companies fall back on for every little hiccup in their service. It’s so overused it’s become meaningless.

I have a ticket opened for over 3 weeks with no response, this is not normal, even with the “DDOS”.

They obviously dont have the people they once did. I remember making a petition about an exploit and seeing a GM warp into the system to check into it within 5 minutes. That was 10 years ago.

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