What should I do about my help ticket? Its been open for 6 days

I am not upset, just wondering what I should do. I filed a ship reimbursement ticket, because I believe I lost it due to server error, and provided all the evidence.

But its been open for 6 days with no response. Is this normal? Could the ticket have been lost some how?

Should I wait longer, or do something else?

Wait. A ship reimbursement isn’t the highest priority and it will get dealt with eventually.

Just be patient.

Thanks for the advice.

Well i m in the same situation, lost my ship cause of the ddos attack ( 12/01).
5 days now, I suppose we need to be patient…

I’ve been waiting over 5 days - and absolutely don’t agree with your sentiment. This is exactly what creates complacency and lack of customer focus. Please stop breeding that mentality. Nobody expects a 1 hour or even 24 hour response for a ship reimbursement - but 5 or 6 days without a response? Clearly, that means 2 things, of which neither are acceptable:

  1. EVE online has too many technical issues. Potential customers - be warned!
  2. The support team is too small.

For a paying subscriber, I don’t find ANY service response from ANY company acceptable when we are talking about this level of turnaround. The fundamental mistake is not what CCP believe to be acceptable, it’s what their customers believe is acceptable. That’s the first basic rule of Customer Service. Your opinion merely tries to defeat that rule. I too lost a ship due to a login issue beyond my control. If, as a business, you are creating problems for your player base - it should be a mandated priority to prevent further misfortune. Making them wait a week - is just a BS mentality - and I for one don’t agree with it. No other online game that I play has this weak service orientation.

Now, I’m just finding excuses, delays, and other reasons not to reach into my pocket for EVE online for Feb. Is that the type of response a Customer Service should be aiming for?

I’m not making excuses: what I said is reality.

Reimbursement of a lost imaginary ship is a low-priority support issue, below issues that make the game unplayable, and way below issues that prevent a player from even logging in.

You have every right to tell CCP they should have better response times, even for low priority issues, but also you should manage your expectations. Ships are disposable in this game and their loss is expected. Yes, sometimes something goes wrong and for fairness CCP will replace them, but the player can just buy another and keep playing while the GMs sort out the issue. This is especially likely to happen when there is a major server issue that causes a bunch of reimbursable losses at one time. It’s completely understandable that with the spiky nature of support tickets and the realities of training and paying people to service them, there are going to be times with longer waits, and times when waits are near non-existent. And it is completely understandable that issues that prevent people from playing the game they paid for will get priority over adding some imaginary items to a database table.

If CCP’s service is not acceptable to you, you should terminate your financial relationship with them and inform them why. Whiny entitlement and empty threats aren’t going to get you anywhere.

Firstly, lets understand the principles of business. As a fee taker (“the seller”), CCP take their earnings at the time needed - every 30 days. There’s no extension of this time because I had a car accident, lost my dog, did not get paid on time, or had a bad hair day. Immediate gratification is the name of the selling game. When this is the modus operandi, there’s no such thing as “completely understandable” on lame response-times for customer service requests. Based on your views, could I assume that a 30-day subscription is also a “whiny entitlement”? Nobody on this forum is highlighting their concerns after 24 hours --> 5-6 days is significant for zero response, period. Also, “empty threats” does not apply in today’s times - the power of social media means that others are quickly informed of a bad service/gaming experience. We are all interconnected, some more than others. Every modern business is aware of this, that’s why the “Customer Experience” is a big issue for any that are serious about being successful over the long-haul. And on that point: my relationship with CCP - has nothing to do with you - and therefore does not need your advisory. I treat CCP like any other business: how they run their support peaks and troughs is not my concern. I don’t pay to worry about their backoffice challenges, and they don’t pay me to fix them. The only point that is valid - is “within reason” (viz. a level of understanding) - and there we agree. However, the fact that people have commented here about a lack of response already highlights that customer expectations are being pushed beyond fair reason. Your term “imaginary” is also irrelevant based on CCP’s monetization model: every item costs real money. Don’t play with people’s money as if it has no value to them. At the very least - use effective communication when there are support delays. The loss of a 3B ISK ship (by example) can quickly be calculated into USD - there’s nothing imaginary about its value. This is not some MMO where one simply respawns without limits. This is the business model CCP has chosen (interesting and unique) - but that comes with a certain level of responsibility to those who contribute to their income statement. It doesn’t need anyone to sugar-coat poor customer experiences because they happen to be under pressure. I’m not a shareholder, support bottlenecks are not my problem - I’m only concerned about enjoying my experience on EVE Online in a way that suits me. I don’t have to account for that to you, or anyone else. I also don’t expect any special treatment, only a satisfactory level of customer service. Simple really.

Let alone the unfairly long time we have to wait for reimbursement, I believe that they shouldn’t even need a ticket for player to write blah blah blah for reimburse. Every ship lost due to the server side of problem should get reimbursed automatically with a big sorry. since it’s NOT the player’s fault.

I’m in the same boat…lost three fairly pricey ships to server issues: one on 1/27, another on 1/30, and the last on 1/31. The first was open and shut with my ship comped after a few days. The one from 1/30 has not been responded or attended to. And i got a response from the one on 1/31 asking me what ships i lost and when (which seemed a little odd considering that it should be extremely simple to look up, but oh well). So, if you’ve been waiting a few days or a week, you’re not alone.

Same here, waiting since friday.

My guess is that there’s just too many tickets right now, probably lot’s of people losing stuff because of disconnects. In my case I can’t really play now though, as the stuff I lost isn’t easily replaceable, or at least I won’t replace it untill I know if I can get it back or not. So I’ve just stayed offline for a few days now, kind of a shame.

2 weeks now :confused:

Yeah…same here. No new responses to my tickets, one of them not responded to at all in the 10-11 days its been since ddos started and took my main ships. Does bumping them help? Sigh…

Hmm, still haven’t heard from mine, hope it won’t take too much longer. :sweat_smile:

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