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I made a ticket on the 28th of December, and it’s now the 15th of January and I have not had any indication that it has even been looked at.

I was wondering if this is a normal amount of time to still not of had a reply whatsoever?

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Depends what the ticket is for. Some take a little longer because they require some invested effort on their part (billings, accounts etc) while others can be dealt with quickly (stuck char etc).

Check the status, possibly add some information to the existing ticket to help resolve it. I wouldn’t file another ticket that won’t help you.

I have always found the ticket resolutions more than satisfactory, albeit a little slow sometimes.

It’s a ticket relating to my account, however, I still think almost three weeks with absolutely zero communication is pretty shoddy.

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Yeah I feel that. Seems a long wait.

Now been three weeks since my initial ticket, and still no reply, also no reply to my thread.

CCPLS, some communication would be nice.

Hope CCP will get some more numbers to sort tickets out.

And Im ready to quit after 38hrs re account issues…

Still no response to my ticket, this is becoming beyond a joke now.
@GM_Mechanic Is there any way you could look into it, as you’re the only GM I ever see post on these forums.

Ticket ID 538324

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Yet another week has passed and still no reply.

The only movement is the ‘Last Activity’ recently reset back to one day.

Hello, did they answered to your ticket? I’m waiting here for 3 days straight now, I personally hope it wont take that long, because time is of the essence here, they got a bug, with project discovery and i was the unlucky person to have it…

I have an account that is paid for, but for some reason the the account screen says that I’m now an Alpha since 13 April, yet the transactions show the payment as good, PayPal shows it as good as does my bank. I’m now 2 days waiting for a reply for a game that I can’t play but I am paying for!

I have been waiting a week for my ticket to be resolved. Unfortunately due to the nature of the ticket I cannot play the game until it is. Can somebody take a look at my ticket please?

Whats wrong Buddy?

He probably got suspended or banned recently for violating EULA or TOS.

After 15 Days of waiting they responded to my ticket and were sorry for the wait time also got Free Game time

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