Support dead? or dying?

left another ticket. dont know why i guess im just a fool to think support actually exists. but anyway… after 2 weeks 5 bug reports login a ticket on and making use of this forum. but more on this soon on my twitch ill be sure to send the stream link prior.

Describe the reason for the ticket.

Just wait for the ticket to be solved. It can take time depending on the issue. Do not make multiple tickets for the same issue as this will slow down support and is mainly the reason you have to wait for all other respammed tickets.

I think it’s dead. I have the same issues as you.
I have resorted to asking stuff here on the forums. Fellow capsules are more likely to help you out than CCP :unamused:

Support is neither dead nor dying. Just busy.

if it is a minor issue, it will get solved soon™
Some tickets get more response than others based on severity of the issue.
What is the nature of the ticket, why you are entitled to getting something fixed “now”
As mentioned, don’t respam tickets, it makes it harder to get through all your crap as it is, but on top of other tickets you submitted, even harder.

i can’t read russian, so yea, that picture means nothing to me.

If you want support I suggest a pair of Vega fiber colored undershorts. Nothing but a snugly feeling.

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