(Uhaku) #1

Does anyone know the general response time for petitions at the moment? I have two that I opened about 5 - 6 weeks ago, yet no response. Just wondering how long I can expect to wait, in peoples’ estimation.

Thank you kindly.

(Giddy McFee) #2

it varies, i would just reply to your original ticket to give them a nudge

(Uhaku) #3

Fair enough. They’re pretty important ones about an account I’ve lost access to, so I was expecting a pretty quick response based upon the category type. Guess I’ll nudge again and keep waiting.

(Buggs LeRoach) #4

this can take the longest , as ccp must determine if you are the original account holder , and your losing access didn’t involve eula violations such as account sharing or transferring …
the account will be locked down so your stuff is safe , while they investigate the email associated , ip logins , etc .
be patient , it’s an important petition but also one that requires thorough checking .

(Giddy McFee) #5

Really though you do not have many option, Forums are not going to help you, so yuor only option is goijng back to the ticket you logged

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