Hello CCP

Have opened petition 773640. 3 weeks, no answers. I will be happy if you still find time to help me.

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Depending on the type of ticket that’s filed, it will take anywhere from 15 minutes to a month, maybe even longer since CCP is operating with reduced staff.

For technical problems you might find a solution in this sub-forum:


Asking here is not going to do anything. Petitions take time. You gotta wait it out man.

I wonder why people think CCP would reply to anything serious after a day or two, or a week. If its abyssal loss that needs reimbursement, they are fast, if its something serious like a bug or account issue or ban appeal, its “what the fakku CCP is doing with our tickets? flushes them in toilet?”.

Serious matters need serious actions and it takes month or even years to fix. :wink:

If you really want help from forum you’d have to explain what your issue is; simply stating “Hey CCP I’ve contacted you 3 weeks ago” does not help you in any way, just wait for a reply like the rest of the people that have submitted a ticket.

The reason that your ticket has yet to receive a response, may be due to the priority rank assigned to it or because it’s an issue that requires extensive investigation.