Massively Long Wait on support

Please do not lock this, im simply asking if its possible that my petition could of been LOST in the system somehow?

Without speaking about it specifically its been 28 days with no reply…

I know ISD doesn’t like us to speak about support, but what are my 2ndary options here to get a hold of someone?

:lock: locked

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I thought you said you were quitting, OP?

Being patient lol. Could work wonders

No, it couldn’t have.

A certain individual who recently quit EVE also took your support ticket with him. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:

Sometimes people use bug reports instead of tickets. Support tickets are for GM, bug reports are for Devs. Its completely different thing. GM should reply fairly fast, bug reports are just not answered I think.

If your ticket was removed without GM even replying, then probably your issue was not worth replying to and considered abuse of the system, maybe the action of GM was not feasible under their rules, like character was deleted already or something. But anything may happen, as they once had that issue with tickets “disapearing”. :smirk:

The best thing to do with a ticket is to wait. It will be looked at at some point, but creating a post about it is not the correct way to bring attention to it. Thread closed.