Delay in response tickets

I put a ticket of a bug in my account a week ago and i have no response yet. can i do something.

same here

just to make sure, we’re talking about a support ticket (EVE Support - Contact Options) not an in-game bug report (Submit Bug Report) ?

You may want to explore the live chat option if the former.

I make both, but im talking abouth a support ticket. I dont knou where are the live chat option.

See the contact options link above.

I’m waiting for a response of my ticket for full 2 weeks now.
Live chat is the same as ingame rookie channel.
Talked with a GM but he said he don’t have the tools to fix my skill extracting issue.
Stopped my monthly payments of my 3 accounts from yesterday.
This is taking way to long for a massive game as eve online.
Ticket response should be between 24-72 hours.
Some folks already waiting for a month to get an answer on there ticket.
If i cant fully use my accounts i’m not paying for it.

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